7-Day Diet Meal Plan Singapore

Are you looking to jump-start your weight loss journey in Singapore? Here are some meal plan subscription services that will make reaching your goals a breeze.

Eating local delicacies like hawker food can be tricky to track calories on, but these meal plans will show you exactly where to get your essential nutrients. Plus, each dish is reviewed by a dietician so you can be sure your progress with your diet remains on track.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is a Singapore-based meal prep startup that specializes in reinvented Asian dishes. Their menu offers an extensive selection of healthy, tasty dishes you can customize according to your carb, protein and veggie load needs.

The company strives to give traditional dishes like Nasi Lemak, beef rendang and sambal fish a healthier spin. Plus their menu is nutritionally transparent thanks to an automated calorie counter which measures calories, fats, carbs and protein content in each dish.

They offer a helpful meal calculator and planner to help you determine your weekly nutrition needs. Once you’ve got everything planned out, click on their “Order Now” tab for healthy dishes like congee, protein bowls, and soups starting at $4.90 – priced competitively with other ready-to-eat meal prep delivery services in the country.

Yummy Bros is one of Singapore’s best and most affordable meal prep services, and if you’re in search of high protein, customizable, healthy meals that can be delivered right to your door. Try their meal plans today using promo code “YUMMYEATBOOK” for $15 off with an order minimum of $50!

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen Singapore is an online platform that delivers nutritious meals directly to your door. Its meal plans are tailored for men and women based on their fitness objectives, such as weight loss or muscle growth.

They provide a range of healthy options, from miso soy sous-vide salmon with poached eggs and yoghurt to chicken salad with tahini dressing. You could also try their seared rainbow trout dish with pickled beetroot, kale and blood orange vinaigrette for something different. Vegans can opt for dishes like mushroom meatballs in Spanish olive tomato sauce or spinach and artichoke tofu frittata as part of their menu options.

Nutrition Kitchen was established by body composition specialists and nutritionally-savvy chefs with the goal of creating balanced, delicious meal plans. While their menus focus on maintaining macronutrient balance, Nutrition Kitchen prioritizes flavor as a key factor in its recipes.


If you’re on a healthy living or fitness regimen, Halal-certified meal delivery service is an effective way to stay on track with your goals. Meals designed by an accredited dietician will help burn fat and maintain muscle mass.

Fit Three provides high-quality meals to pick-up points located at select gyms, yoga boutiques and F45/BFT studios in Singapore (though you can also order online if your nearest one is close by). Meal options range from low carb, omnitarian or vegetarian dishes that use organic red meat and antibiotic-free chicken meat from local producers whenever possible.

The best part is that each of their three or five day weekly fixed meals is a nutritious and delicious delight for your taste buds. Additionally, you can subscribe to their e-newsletter for the latest updates on menu items, special promotions and other foodie news. Furthermore, they have a loyalty program which rewards repeat customers with free delivery – an especially nice touch!


Umami Chefs is a homegrown food tech company that collaborates with chefs and nutritionists to create delicious ready-to-heat meals. Each dish is thoughtfully designed for nutritional balance, then delivered twice weekly in convenient heat-safe packaging.

They offer a selection of meal plans, such as the three-day plan for S$69.99. Plus, you can pick between low-sodium, keto and plant-based options to suit your lifestyle.

This menu showcases flavors from around the world, with emphasis on glutamate, an amino acid found in seaweed and foods high in inosinic acid or guanylate. The end result is a deep and meaty taste that gives dishes an intense brothy essence.

Baked salmon with miso butter and mirin is moist and flavorful; chicken soup tastes homemade; and the char siu pork tenderloin is unbelievably juicy. There’s also an exciting mix of Asian flavors in these dishes as well, such as wild boar spring rolls, Peking duck quesadilla and Thai-style chicken curry.

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