7 Day Diet Meal Plan Singapore

7 day diet meal plan singapore

To effectively shed pounds, proper nutrition is absolutely key. Incorporating a variety of food sources while limiting processed products as much as possible. Also opt for whole fruits and vegetables instead of juiced fruits/veggies.

Hawker food may be an integral part of Singaporean life, but it might not always be the healthiest option if you’re trying to watch your calories. Enter Yummy Bros: an online meal prep startup providing healthier versions of popular hawker dishes.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is a local meal prep start up started by gym bros to assist fitness enthusiasts and middle-class executives enjoy their diet without stressing out their bodies. Their hands-on approach encourages individuals to take control of their own nutrition by using one of their easy meal planners or calculators that are available for download.

Prepared and frozen fresh on-site before being delivered, their meals are guaranteed to be fresh, nutritious, and flavourful. Their weekly-changing menu specializes in reinventing Asian classics in ways that are pocket-friendly while remaining delicious and nutritionally transparent.

Menu highlights at Yummy Bros include healthier versions of Nasi Lemak, Low-Fat Beef Rendang and Kung Pow Chicken. Also popular among customers are their specialties such as Coffee Chicken ($9.10) — a deboned chicken thigh topped with their signature Coffee Sauce served alongside garlic eggplant and sambal long beans – guaranteed to leave customers wanting more!


FitThree is a healthy meal plan delivery service offering custom meal plans tailored to specific fitness goals, from weight loss or muscle building, through customizable menus to accommodating custom meal selection. Their meals feature low calorie counts for optimal weight control or muscle growth. Furthermore, customers have full freedom in selecting their menu options themselves!

Meals are prepared by a chef and delivered right to your doorstep or designated pickup spot. Ordering online, you can select between three-day or five-day meal plans to get delicious food at an affordable price. Our aim is to offer high-quality nutrition at reasonable rates.

Fitness fiends and workout enthusiasts in Singapore can take advantage of this service, providing healthy ready-to-eat meals delivered straight to their gyms and studios. Choose between low-carb or omnitarian options; each dish boasts rich nutrition and the menu provides information about calories in each dish; delivery is fast; delicious dishes fill you up quickly, plus food can stay fresh for four days in the refrigerator!


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Counting calories to lose weight can be daunting for those without much spare time, but you can make it simpler by following an effective meal plan. Singapore General Hospital’s Department of Dietetics have designed a 7-day diet plan designed specifically for weight loss that you can follow to get results faster.

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