Healthy Diet in Singapore

People in Singapore who follow healthy eating patterns tend to have greater dietary diversity and are more likely to meet their nutrient requirements, potentially protecting against cognitive impairment in older age. Singapore’s food supply is at risk from multiple issues, including complex global supply chains, protectionism in food-producing nations and unexpected events like this pandemic….

Singapore Meal Plan

Singaporeans are making healthier food choices with more fruits, vegetables and low-saturated fats in their diets; however, too many still consume too much sugar and salt. Here are a few of the best Singapore meal plan services that can deliver nutritious meals directly to your door step and help you achieve improved health. Nutrition Kitchen…

How Do Meal Plans Work?

Meal plans can help you stay organized and prepare healthy meals at home more easily, saving both time and money by eliminating fast food or takeout options. Some meal plans are tailored toward managing health conditions like diabetes or heart disease; others are focused on sticking to a budget or feeding multiple people at once….

Cheap Healthy Food in Singapore

Eating healthily can be expensive – particularly for students and interns. But eating clean doesn’t need to cost anything extra! Singapore offers many affordable, delectable healthy food options at reasonable prices, like these from Yummy Bros. These Japanese rice bowls make the perfect meal prep choices! Yummy Bros Yummy Bros specializes in reinventing Asian dishes…

Singapore Dietary Guidelines and Cardiometabolic Health

Singapore is currently on track for two of the global nutrition targets, but progress towards others remains limited. This study addresses this gap by assessing diet in late adolescents/early adults attending different types of postsecondary educational institutions. An innovative diet quality scoring method was devised using a single 24-h recall from each weekday during one…