Cheap Healthy Food in Singapore

Eating healthily can be expensive – particularly for students and interns. But eating clean doesn’t need to cost anything extra!

Singapore offers many affordable, delectable healthy food options at reasonable prices, like these from Yummy Bros. These Japanese rice bowls make the perfect meal prep choices!

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros specializes in reinventing Asian dishes beloved by millions worldwide and turning them healthier while maintaining their delicious taste. Their meals come individually portioned for low carb or vegetarian diets alike.

All meals served here are blast-chilled for maximum freshness, flavor and nutritional retention. Their menu also regularly changes to offer unique healthy twists on popular street food dishes like Nasi Lemak and low-fat Beef Rendang. Kung Pow chicken is another specialty menu item; their menu is updated monthly with tasty healthier takeout dishes such as this.

Yummy Bros is not your traditional meal-prep service that delivers meals upon order; they instead deliver three times every week and encourage their users to plan two days worth of meals in advance. Although not directly certified for Halal compliance, all their set meals are produced from their partner’s central kitchen that meets these standards.

Fresher Singapore

Tingkat delivery scene could use some freshening up – this local dinner subscription service provides just that. Chef-prepared meals not only offer healthy options, but they taste just like home-cooked food too! These include nutritious dishes such as Nyonya-style steamed fish, black herbal chicken soup and even white pomfret with soy sauce!

They provide options with lower sodium, sugar-free and keto-friendly menu items for those trying to limit their caloric intake. Each meal also comes with its own calorie count so you can keep track of how many you are consuming daily.

They use blast-chilled meals to ensure the integrity of the ingredients are preserved, and more eco-friendly insulated Dinner Bags to transport dinner safely to you doorstep.


Eating healthily in Singapore can be difficult at times. Prices continue to skyrocket and meal prepping is one way of saving money while finding affordable hawker meals is becoming increasingly difficult for busy individuals on-the-go.

AMGD Global delivers healthy, delicious and affordable meals directly to personal trainers, fitness instructors and other busy individuals daily. Their meal plans are created by nutritionists and chefs with no added sugars or MSG in them – while their dishes also boast bold natural flavours! They specialize in Halal-certified cuisine that contains no artificial ingredients!

AMGD meals typically cost $14 and feature their signature salad bowl of grilled black pepper chicken breast, green coral lettuce, red onions, blueberries, caramelised pineapple slices, roasted cashew nuts and citrus vinaigrette dressing.


BreadTalk is a bakery and food court chain headquartered in Singapore that sells its products across Asia and Europe through over 700 outlets globally. Their bakery segment represented 52% of their revenue in 2015.

BreadTalk’s in-house research and development team crafts culinary delights using premium natural ingredients, expert baking artistry and cutting edge technology – creating one-of-a-kind bread recipes with Asian and European influences. Each bread has its own life when baked; taking on its own personality with each bite taken off the breadstick.

NEX BreadTalk stores are designed to showcase the breadmaking process through transparent glass walls, so customers can see and smell only fresh ingredients being used in making bread. In addition, there is also an assortment of desserts such as its famous Floss Buns.


With inflation becoming more evident across Singapore and Malaysia, eating healthily on a budget has become increasingly difficult. Luckily, there are still healthy options available which can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Dunman Food Centre is located close to Evolve MMA Kinex, and provides traditional local dishes like Hainanese chicken rice with less than 500 calories, making it the ideal post-workout meal option.

Fitness Ration offers delicious yet cost-effective high-protein, low-carb meals at an accessible price point. Their meals range from $15-20 and feature organic vegetables, hormone-free meats and super foods – as well as their profits being donated back to charity! Fitness Ration’s goal is to empower their customers to eat well while living their best lives; and donates its profits accordingly.

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