Cheap Meal Plan Singapore

cheap meal plan singapore

Singapore’s bustling capital offers some of the world’s best street food. Discover satay, chili crab and other delectable treats at local hawker centers like Newton Food Centre or Tekka Centre.

Avoid long queues and save money with nomnomby, an affordable pick-up only service offering healthy meals from around the CBD at a fraction of their usual costs. With options such as calorie-controlled options for weight loss or more protein to help build muscle mass, nomnomby helps save both time and money!

2. WhyQ

No matter your food delivery needs – whether that means satisfying hawker cravings, eating healthily for fitness goals or ordering home-cooked meals – there are companies in Singapore offering delivery services with affordable meal plan subscription services that allow you to save money. Check out what kind of deals they can provide today.

WhyQ was established in 2017 as an MSMEs-centric SaaS and food delivery platform. Their eBiz app helps small businesses digitalise their operations, connect to online platforms and logistic providers as well as track sales and expenses more easily.

WhyQ provides meals to the 4.1% of Singaporeans living with food insecurity through Non-Profit Organisation Secondmeal. Their nutritious and delicious meals arrive precooked and vacuum-packed, making them easily reheatable halal meals.

3. Fresher Singapore

Fresher Singapore, commonly referred to as Tingkat delivery, provides healthy ready-to-eat meals made with quality ingredients in convenient packaging for delivery directly to customers’ homes. With their global selection of dishes that can also meet certain health diet requirements such as keto and low carb, Fresher offers set meals, protein by the pound plans or meal plans tailored specifically for each customer’s individual preferences.

After cooking, each meal is immediately blast-chilled to preserve both its flavor and nutritional content. Delivered to you on weekends and suitable for storage up to one month in your freezer.

Additionally, Tingkat has taken steps towards their goal of reducing food waste by opting for reusable dinner bags instead of Tingkat delivery boxes – taking an important but small step in that direction.


Due to busy schedules and an array of responsibilities, it can be hard to find time for shopping ingredients and cooking meals on your own. Luckily, healthy meal delivery services exist that can provide nutritious meals without all of the effort involved!

AMGD (short for “AHHMAHGAWD”, which they hope you’ll say after tasting one of their bento-style meals!) provides a menu curated by chefs and nutritionists, free from added sugars, fried foods, preservatives or MSG and featuring non-vegetarian dishes with fresh greens and complex carbs for optimal macronutrient consumption.

Their ordering platform is user-friendly on desktop and mobile devices and operates using a pay-per-meal credit system. Their signature dishes include Yes Madame Poke Bowl with Thai basil beef on quinoa, as well as their Across the Universe Bento Box featuring baked salmon with walnuts over brown rice.

5. Nutrition Kitchen

Meal prep services can be an incredible lifesaver if you want nutritious meals delivered right to your door but simply don’t have the time or energy to make them yourself. From weight loss meals with calorie restrictions to high protein options for athletes or vegetarian and vegan meals – there’s sure to be one available that meets all your needs!

Nutrition Kitchen delivers delicious chef-prepared meals directly to your door, from Baked Icelandic Halibut and Coronation Chicken Salad to Char Siu Roasted Pork Tenderloin. Their meals are nutritionally balanced and ready in just three minutes! Plus they have options available if you want to lose weight or build muscle as well as being locally sourced!

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