Diet Meal Plan Singapore

diet meal plan singapore

Selecting a nutritious and balanced meal plan can be daunting for those with hectic lives. Fortunately, there are some caterers that provide pre-made balanced meals.

Nutrition Kitchen Singapore provides a range of meal plans, from weight loss to omnitarian and vegetarian options. Plus they have two, three, and five day packages available.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen SG is a diet meal plan service that offers fresh, delicious daily ready-to-eat meals prepared by professional chefs. They use only premium ingredients with no compromise on flavor.

They strive to maintain a cost-effective price point that can be afforded by all. Furthermore, they want their customers to experience the best of Singapore and Hong Kong, so they source local produce, cook it up, and deliver it right to their door.

Their menu offers dishes like sesame-crusted tuna with shredded cabbage, carrots and red peppers; green papaya and bumbu Balinese chicken salad; as well as seared rainbow trout with pickled beetroot and kale.

Nutrition Kitchen SG, founded in 2018, offers a one-stop solution for healthy eating and macronutrient balance. Its meal plans are created by body composition experts and chef-cooked by the company’s team of world renowned chefs.

F45 Challenge Meal Plan

The F45 Challenge is a worldwide sensation that began in Australia and promises you abs in just two months of dedicated training.

F45’s concept is straightforward: a series of high-intensity interval workouts (HIIT) that incorporate cardio and strength training. In each studio, large screen TVs display exercise instruction along with occasional DJ music.

It can be a structured system, which may take some getting used to for some people. But it has been an enormous success in Australia and now has over 1,750 franchises around the world.

During the Challenge, you adhere to a meal plan and attend classes three times a week. Furthermore, there are four eight-week challenges per year where you must train at least that many times.


Established in 2013, YoloFood is dedicated to revolutionizing people’s perception of healthy eating. They offer delicious Asian-inspired pre-packed meals delivered directly to your door that can help you reach your wellness goals with ease.

Their menu is constantly being updated, so you can always look forward to trying something new. My dinner, Kimchi Stew Tofu with Sweet Potato Noodles, Spinach and Shredded Carrot was a delicious combination of sweetness and savory.

Food that’s nutritious and fun for the whole family to prepare! With options like beef bulgogi and basil minced chicken to honey miso salmon and nutritious greens, there’s something for everyone when it comes to meal prep!

With their four meal plan types – weight loss, balanced, low carb and vegetarian – you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your diet. You even have control over how many calories per meal with this company’s delivery services which offer Halal-certified food.


HealthFull is an online meal delivery service that provides nutritious and wholesome food. It has various meal plans to choose from such as vegan, vegetarian, low carb and calorie controlled options for those trying to shed some pounds.

Olympic-certified nutritionist leads its team in offering a nutrient-rich selection of meals. Each meal has an assigned calorific amount to keep you on track, and each week’s menu changes with new options.

A healthy diet should include plenty of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats or fish, along with beneficial fats like olive oil, nuts and seeds. Eating this way not only helps maintain a healthy body weight but it can also prevent certain illnesses.

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