Diet Meals in Singapore

In Singapore, an unhealthy diet has been linked to poor health outcomes. It increases the likelihood of developing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

HPB strives to raise Singaporeans’ awareness about healthy eating practices and provide healthier food options. One way they do this is through My Healthy Plate, which instructs individuals on how to create balanced meals at home or school.

The Nutrition Clinic

The Nutrition Clinic strives to promote a healthier lifestyle through diet meals. Its experienced nutritionists create tailored plans full of essential nutrients for each patient.

Their mission is to ensure their patients can achieve healthy weight loss without compromising dietary restrictions. Furthermore, the team works closely with patients on improving their digestion system and treating various health conditions.

They provide 24/7 support to all their patients, making sure they feel guided and monitored throughout their new diet plan. This has earned them a reputation as one of the best dietitians in Singapore.

Singapore is taking steps to promote a healthier diet among its citizens. This includes mandating a 15 per cent decrease in sodium intake over five years and making healthier salt and seasoning products more accessible to residents.


If you’re a gym enthusiast, FitThree’s meal plan could be just what the doctor ordered. This service provides a weekly fixed menu of nutritious meals designed by a dietitian to fuel active individuals.

Calorie-controlled diet plans are available for weight loss and muscle building. They come in two-, three- and five-day packages that will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Nutrition Kitchen Singapore offers an exciting variety of cuisines, from Western to Indian. Select the meal plan that meets your needs: calorie-controlled meals for weight management or more protein and carbs to build muscle.

Their meals are gluten-free and halal-certified, and they deliver to selected gyms, yoga studios and CrossFit centres as well as your home. Their twice weekly fixed delivery schedule and short shelf life make them a great option for those with regular schedules.

Afterglow by Anglow

Afterglow by Anglow is a must-stop on any foodie’s itinerary. From raw sushi to raw pizza, their menu has something for everyone – making it hard not to be delighted by these delectable creations. Try their burgers – some of the most satisfying around! But make sure not to miss out on trying their avocado-topped Deconstructed Sushi Bowl or vegan mac and cheese for yourself – both are sure to please even the pickiest palates!

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Real Food

Real Food, a family-owned business, strives to create dishes that are both wholesome and palatable. Their inspiration comes from a plant-based diet and macrobiotic lifestyle – creating their menu with care.

The cafe offers a selection of vegetarian dishes made without preservatives or additives. Menu items include sweet pumpkin pancakes and scrambled tofu with broccoli.

They also have a grocery store where you can purchase organic vegetables, fruits, grains and other nutritious items. Furthermore, they sell kombucha tea, cold-pressed juices and kale-apple smoothies.

Their lunch and dinner menus offer a convenient way to get some nutritious food without breaking the bank. For only $20+, you can get a healthy lunch bowl featuring hormone-free chicken, roasted sweet potato and greens.

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