Diet Pills Singapore

diet pills singapore

Even after warnings by health authorities, diet pills, drinks and consumables remain popular in Singapore. Some products feature testimonials from consumers who claim they used it to shed some kilograms while some even boast endorsement from celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson.

Weight loss

Obesity is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure, among others. Diet and exercise alone cannot bring sustainable weight loss; a doctor-prescribed slimming pill such as orlistat (Xenical/Alli) may provide additional assistance: it works by suppressing fat absorption; phentermine reduces appetite-regulating neurotransmitters; while naltrexone-bupropion (Contrave) targets impulse, reward, and hunger centers in your brain.

Not all pills that claim to aid weight loss are safe. A Singapore diet product contained banned ingredients – sibutramine and sennoside. In one such instance, liver failure occurred due to its consumption.

Health supplements often make exaggerated claims that are often unsupported or even potentially hazardous, taking advantage of profit-driven dealers to maximize sales. To gain more insight, The Straits Times interviewed Dr Khoo Chin Meng, head and senior consultant of National University Hospital’s endocrinology division.

Side effects

Health or dietary supplements are a range of products designed to supplement one’s diet and enhance one’s health, without treating or curing any medical diseases or conditions.

Recently, authorities in Singapore issued warnings against four products that contain potency medicinal ingredients that include sibutramine – an illegal weight loss substance which increases risk of heart attack and strokes – being sold online as slimming pills and social media slimming pages. Three women who used these products experienced breathlessness and heart palpitations.

Ozempic and Wegovy have made headlines recently due to their off-label use as weight loss pills. Although these prescription are intended to manage blood sugar levels in those living with Type 2 diabetes, some dealers make misleading promises in their product labels that promise unrealistic results in an extremely short amount of time.


Many health supplements sold in Singapore do not need approval or licensing by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), leaving dealers to monitor product labels for exaggerated claims that are made, often exploited for profit-seeking dealers. It is therefore vital that when selecting weight loss supplements it has been tested and certified by credible bodies such as GNC or Guardian stores.

To successfully shed pounds, eating healthily and engaging in physical exercise are crucial steps towards weight loss. Unfortunately, not everyone finds these methods effective – which is why many turn to slimming pills in Singapore to assist their weight-loss goals. Slimming pills contain ingredients which suppress appetite while increasing energy levels; in addition, they help your body burn fat more efficiently.

Weight loss pills may not be a magical solution, but they can certainly speed up the weight-loss journey. There are various online pharmacies in Singapore offering such pills.

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