Fitness Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep

fitness meals singapore

Adulting can be exhausting; from budgeting your finances to keeping to an exercise regime, adulting requires hard work. But thanks to meal delivery services in Singapore, they make adulting much simpler by saving you the hassle of cooking and cleaning after a hard day at work.

Choose between their calorie-controlled meals designed to promote weight loss or more protein for muscle building, then select your plan length and pickup location. They offer vegetarian, low-carb and omnivorous options.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen delivers chef-prepared healthy meals directly to customers’ homes. Their meals are carefully designed by body composition specialists, and tailored specifically towards achieving goals such as weight loss or muscle building. Meal plans can be delivered right to their door step for ease of convenience – saving them both time, energy, and money!

Nutrition Kitchen was launched in 2014 in Singapore and offers meal plans tailored specifically to men and women, as well as nutritional analysis of each meal they serve. All dishes feature top-quality ingredients based on Mediterranean diet principles. Nutrition Kitchen currently operates globally.

Nutrition Kitchen adopted SleekFlow as part of its strategic communication approach in order to increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty over time. By reaching out directly to customers via WhatsApp, the company can reach its marketing goals faster. Furthermore, this tool assists the team with managing conversations easily as well as assigning tasks more easily; additionally it automates abandoned cart reminders while improving teamwork.

Fit Three

Assisting you in meeting your fitness goals quickly, this meal prep service enables you to build meals – selecting from proteins, carbs and veggies according to your weight – quickly. Low-carb and keto-friendly nutrition packs are available as well as an integrated macro calculator so that you stay on track with your calories.

Fit Three’s individual-sized meals contain the right combination of nutrients to keep you in optimal shape, and are reviewed by a dietician to guarantee they’re both filling and nutritious. Choose from an omnitarian menu, low-carb selections or vegetarian choices packed with flavor while providing all of your nutritional requirements.

Weekly meals are delivered directly to your doorstep from gyms, yoga boutiques, F45 studios and BFT studios. Produced using natural, high-quality ingredients sourced from local producers whenever possible – you’ll always find an assortment of tasty Western and Indian dishes on their weekly menu!


AMGD Global was conceptualized by Rita Zahara of Li Da Foods. Their ordering platform is straightforward and user-friendly on desktops or mobiles alike; their meal pass system lets customers purchase credits to redeem for bento meals – like their namesake AMGD costing only $14! – which features grilled black pepper chicken breast with green coral lettuce, red onions, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and roasted cashew nuts.

Complete their nutritional survey online and they’ll recommend the ideal meal plan for you. Choose between two plans; one focused on weight loss and another for muscle gain. All meals are created by their chefs and nutritionists and delivered right to your doorstep twice weekly for added convenience and satisfaction. Plus, each dish comes packed with satisfying textures for greater enjoyment!

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