Fitness Meals in Singapore

fitness meals singapore

When striving for a healthy lifestyle, nutrition is key. This holds especially true when trying to achieve fitness, shed pounds or bulk up.

Fitness meals can be an easy way to provide your body with essential nutrients for success. Many services provide pre-portioned meals right at your door.

Eat Fit Meal Prep

If you’re searching for convenient and delicious fitness meals, Eat Fit Meal Prep is an ideal option. This company provides a selection of healthy chef-prepared dishes that can be delivered fresh to your door each week when ordered.

They use a variety of whole foods and zero-calorie natural seasonings, guaranteeing their meals are both satisfying and wholesome. Furthermore, they list down the nutritional information for each meal so that you know exactly how much nutrition you’re getting in each serving.

FitThree is another option; their menu of healthy recipes are created by chefs and nutritionists to keep you satisfied while staying on track with your fitness goals. Plus, they even deliver to select gyms islandwide!

As the new year begins, it’s time to embrace a healthier lifestyle and start eating clean. If you need help reaching your health goals this year, these Singaporean healthy food delivery services can help!

Fresher Singapore

Fresher Singapore offers one of the best healthy food delivery services in Singapore. Their zero-guilt meals are flash frozen to preserve all nutrition and flavour, so you can enjoy a nutritious meal quickly with minimal effort.

This service is ideal for gym goers and those on a weight loss journey. Simply place your weekly meal order on their website, choose a pickup point near your gym, and enjoy convenient fitness-infused meals all week long!

FitThree is a new healthy food delivery service in Singapore that makes achieving your fitness goals easy. All you have to do is select your preferred protein, carbs and veggies for the week – FitThree will take care of the rest!

Their app can help you stay accountable to your daily calorie intake and calculate macros. Their menu offers low-carb, keto-friendly and upsized nutrition packs that will help you reach your weight loss objectives in no time!


If you’re searching for healthy meals in Singapore, AMGD is an ideal option. They operate on a pay-per-use credit system and provide various meal choices.

These meals come in a tub and include fresh vegetables, protein, carbs and sauce. They are Halal certified without any preservatives, sugar or MSG added.

They provide gluten-free and keto diet meals, pairing your chosen protein with complex carbs and fresh greens for optimal macronutrient absorption.

For those who want to keep their diet varied but lack the time or energy to cook, this service is an ideal option. With the bulk meal credit plan, which works out to approximately $12 per meal, the meal plan becomes quite budget friendly.

AMGD is a nutrient-packed food delivery service that promises to satisfy any nutritionist’s appetite. They offer an extensive menu with local healthy takes on classic dishes like char kway teow and nasi lemak, along with your typical roast meats and seafood options.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen SG is a Singapore-based meal plan service that offers convenient, ready-to-eat meals designed by body composition specialists and chefs. Their meals are ideal for busy professionals who want to maintain their fitness levels while staying healthy.

These fitness meals are calorie-controlled and provide around 40g of protein. Additionally, they offer various options like low-carb or keto diet plans for added convenience.

Every week, our menu offers something delicious for you to choose from. Enjoy dishes like Wild Mushroom Chicken Fricassee with fresh greens and mashed potatoes, as well as Achiote Marinated Sole Fish & Prawns with corn salad, green apples, hot sauce and couscous.

Are you trying to shed pounds or build muscle? These meals can help you reach your fitness objectives quickly. Meals are tailored according to weight and you have the option of selecting from various proteins, carbs and veggies. Plus there are low carb, keto-friendly and upsized nutrition packs with an integrated macro calculator that tracks calories consumed.

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