Healthy Food Catering Singapore

healthy food catering singapore

If you’re in need of a nutritious but don’t have time to make one yourself, there are plenty of healthy food catering services that deliver it right to your door. Some even provide subscription meals that will keep you feeling full!

Singapore Healthier Choice-certified tingkat delivery menus promise fresh ingredients and cuisine that tastes as good as home-cooked food. Plus, these eateries use less sodium and healthier oil in their cooking processes.

1. Fatty Daddy Fatty Mummy

Fatty Daddy Fatty Mummy is an award-winning catering company that provides nutritious food at an unbeatable price. Led by a power couple, their team of cooks ensure timely deliveries of freshly cooked meals with care. If you’re searching for healthy meals that won’t take up too much time during your busy workday, Fatty Daddy Fatty Mummy’s Love, Tingkat menu (named after the beloved tingkat tiffin) should definitely be on your list!

Their tiffin-sized menu items are the first of their kind in Singapore, and you can enjoy them for lunch or dinner! Plus, there’s even a special gluten-free menu option. At just $120 for a 20-day tiffin package, this company is one of the most affordable meal delivery services around town!

2. Kim Paradise

Kim Paradise is a home delivery restaurant founded by Madam Tan Swee Kim with over ten years of experience. Their motto: “Good food comes from a good heart with great passion” continues to guide their business practices today.

Their meals are nutritious and flavorful, made with less oil and salt. They cater to local Singaporeans’ palates with over 200 dishes on the menu.

They serve up to 6000 tingkat meals daily. Take their eight-day trial or sign up for a 10- or 20-day meal package – all delivered in classic tiffin containers at an affordable price point of $6.50 for one to five pax on weekdays (except PH). Plus, they offer the Love, Tingkat! menu which uses less sodium, cholesterol-friendly vegetable oil, and no MSG.

3. Bellygood

Bellygood is one of Singapore’s best known healthy food catering services under Tung Lok Group, managed by an experienced team of chefs and friendly staff. They offer various menus to fit any budget, headcount or delivery time frame; one particularly noteworthy option is their fixed vegetarian buffet at S$18/pax which features tasty vegetarian delights such as marinated mushrooms with shredded bean curd skin, steamed crystal dumpling and aloe vera pudding.

They boast an eye-catching website and dedicated customer service department, both founded in 2003. Renowned for their high quality food and service, the company has gained a large client base and become well known across Singapore – becoming popular choices for wedding ceremonies, birthdays and corporate events alike.

4. Nature Vegetarian Delights

Nature Vegetarian Delights, founded by nine siblings at Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, is a family-run Chinese vegetarian restaurant that caters to an increasingly upscale vegan and vegetarian clientele with dishes like buffet-style mala and house-made prata wraps.

Their menu emphasizes fresh vegetables, with everything made from local products. As such, they’re considered one of the top healthy food catering Singapore services.

They offer an extensive menu with dishes such as claypot trotters, baked rice, mutton soup and more – many even gluten-free! As Halal-certified restaurant with buffet, mini buffet, bento box and high tea catering service available; they make for the ideal choice for wedding receptions, birthdays and seminars alike.

5. Catersmith

Catersmith is one of Singapore’s premier vegetarian catering services, boasting Halal-certified dishes such as fish salads and pasta dishes. Their menu also offers a variety of meals to choose from including fish dishes, salads, pasta and more meals. Catersmith provides various catering styles like full setup buffets, mini buffets, bento boxes high tea seminars wedding parties or other events packages to fit any budget.

Many customers have praised Catersmith for their quick response time and high-quality meals. They have served renowned companies such as Airbnb, Cisco, Citibank and more, making them a go-to option for vegetarian catering in Singapore. Furthermore, its fast and reliable delivery makes it the go-to choice for those who appreciate nutritious food delivered directly to their door.

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