Healthy Food Catering Singapore

healthy food catering singapore

If your New Year resolution involves living healthier, healthy food catering services can be of invaluable assistance. They deliver delectable yet nutritionally dense meals right to your door step!

Fresh ingredients and low oil and sodium usage distinguish these restaurants, leading satisfied customers to praise them as tasting like home-cooked dishes.

Fresh ingredients

Healthy food catering services provide an effective solution to this dilemma by offering nutritious meals free from additives or processed ingredients that support local farmers and vendors while supporting community economies.

These healthy catering services offer a range of menu items that fit into any budget, such as gluten-free, low-carb and vegan meals prepared using only fresh ingredients for optimal taste and aroma. In addition, payment methods and flexible subscription plans make their meal delivery services highly accessible.

Kim’s Paradise, one of Singapore’s premier healthy tingkat delivery services, provides delicious cuisine that tastes just like home-cooked dishes – without being as greasy and generous in portion size! Their menu ranges from chicken steamed with herb butter sauce to Nyonya-style fish steaming!

Variety of dishes

People often associate bland food with healthiness, but healthy catering Singapore can offer delicious and flavourful fare that meets dietary needs, from vegetarianism and low-carb to veganism. Furthermore, these caterers provide several menu options including set meals and protein by the pound.

Are You Needing Quick or Filling Meals? These Healthy Tingkat Delivery Services Can Be the Answer

Kim Paradise is one of Singapore’s largest tingkat caterers and offers an extensive menu. Their meals use less salt and oil for optimal taste – customers have raved that they taste just like home-cooked meals! Kim Paradise caters to customers of various tastes by providing options like Nyonya-Style Steamed Pomfret Fish to Nutritious Black Herbal Chicken Soup!

Healthy meal plans

If you’re a busy working executive looking for healthy food options that are typically available in the CBD but lack time to queue, healthy meal delivery services such as nomnomby can be lifesavers. Offering pre-cooked meals curated and prepared by dieticians that can be picked up or delivered directly to your door – even some offering personalized nutritional plans to assist in weight loss or muscle growth goals!

Nutrition Kitchen SG offers nutritionally-balanced, deliciously satisfying and vegetarian-friendly meals that are halal, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly. Their menu offers both Western and Indian fare – as well as calorie-controlled choices ideal for those trying to watch their weight.

Yummy Bros is another local meal prep startup that specializes in creating Asian-inspired cuisine that tastes home cooked, full of fiber, protein and nutrients – even providing calories per portion! Their meals come with full transparency so you can know exactly how many calories are in every serving!


Sometimes you crave the comfort of home-cooked food but lack the time or desire to prepare it yourself. Luckily, Singapore caterers such as Best Catering provide healthy yet cost-effective options like kid-friendly tingkat dishes as well as meals containing only high-quality ingredients with minimal salt and oil content, along with being Halal certified.

These healthy food caterers offer convenient meal delivery services that take the hassle out of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning – right to your door step! With them by your side, it allows more time for other important tasks and meeting health and fitness goals simultaneously. Offering both a la carte and subscription meal plans designed to fit any need or preference; including free trial services so you can try their tasty dishes before committing. Plus they’re Green Label certified on Foodpanda so you know your meals are eco-friendly.

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