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Recently, there has been a trend of restaurants emphasizing unhealthy food over healthy food. This is due to the growing popularity of television series such as The Biggest Loser and the increase in exercise programs and clubhouses where people gather for fitness classes and/or meals.

Since these programs focus on making you consume only healthy foods, it makes sense that they would promote only healthful options in the restaurant scene.

To add to this issue, most Americans are not familiar with eating Paleo or nutritional Paleo diets. Even though these diets are not recommended by medical professionals, people go to restaurants and get tempted with unhealthy foods that are labeled as “healthy” foods.

What is surprising is how many people do not realize they are eating poorly because of this issue. Many individuals are confused about what Paleo/Nutritional Dietists recommend as there is no standard for what constitutes a “normal” diet.

Fresh fruit

healthy food sg

Fresh fruit is a great way to improve your health. Most people do not eat enough Segovia grapes, apples, and oranges daily.

Many people today are deficient in total carbohydrates compared to protein and fat. This is due to the high consumption of refined carbs in our diets.

Carbohydrates are one of the most important foods you can eat. With enough carbs you can improve your mood and health in many ways. Carbs improve blood sugar levels which improves your overall health, but you have to watch how much if you are on medication or have a low blood sugar level.

Some fruits contain more potassium than others, so it is important to eat enough of them every day. Potassium is an important mineral that goes missing in our diet.

Whole grain bread

healthy food sg

Triggered your curiosity? Check out the whole grain bread article next. It may be too much information to take in at one time!

Some grains, like corn, are better processed into a syrup called Stoddard’s Flash Powder. Other grains, like wheat, are refined into bread flour.

Many people are surprised by the amount of sugar found in this gluten-free bread. Most people find that it makes the bread too sweet, and therefore not suitable to eat as a snack or meal replacement.


healthy food sg

Oatmeal is a great choice for diabetics. Due to the potassium content in oatmeal, it helps to lower blood sugar levels.

For people with diabetes, there are always alternatives to foods. Oatmeal is one of the easiest ways to consume protein and glucose.

Sprinkling some oats into your coffee or tea can be a helpful way to do this. Just be sure to keep the amount of oats moderate-sized chunks or sprouts. Too much can result in high blood sugar levels, not helpful!

Another way to consume your protein is by using sports drinks.

Peanut butter

healthy food sg

Peanut butter is a staple food in Southeast Asia. It is usually served with soy or tofu, and can be plain or with sweet replacers like sugar or chocolate.

Peanutbutter is also very popular as a snack food, often paired with vegetables and/or fruits. This may be due to the rich taste and texture of the peanut butter.

We know it as a classic replacement for potato chips, but it can also be eaten as an accompaniment to salads or as a spread on fresh crackers.

As with many foods we replace one thing with another when we get hungry. So if you have too little peanutbutter in your diet, you may want to add some of your own!

One potential problem with too much peanutbutter can be PKD ( pediatric polykenetic disorder). This rare condition causes children to have strange food habits and behaviors that differ from peers.

Sunflower seeds

healthy food sg

If you’re looking for a quick and easy healthy food to start your day with, try sunflower seeds. They are an excellent source of protein and zinc, both important nutrients for health.

They are also low in fat and provide a good source of vitamin E as well. Due to their trace of omega 3s, these fats can be helpful in improving your mood.

As these nuts contain oil, you should only consume a small amount at first to ensure you get enough zinc. Sunflower seeds can sometimes be hard to find, so many manufacturers add another name to it to make it more recognizable.

However, it is still important to buy them that same day because they will soon go bad! It is best to keep some in your kitchen for emergencies.


healthy food sg

Almonds are a great choice for your diet. They are a small nut, only 1–2 tablespoons per week, but they can have a huge impact on your health.

Almonds contain several important nutrients, including omega-3s. This makes them a rich source of nutrition.

As the name implies, an almond contains an almond-size portion of nutmeats. These consist of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The majority of it is monounsaturated fats such as oilier ones found in the type 6 (omega) fatty acids found in almonds.

These oils help to reduce your Risk Factor for metabolic issues like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Your body needs these to function properly which is why you may find them touted as a potential cure for both conditions.

Trail mix

healthy food sg

Not only is trail mix an amazing way to get your fill of nutrients and protein, but it can be made almost every way. You can make them low-cal, gluten-free, or with some secret ingredients.

All of these mix-ins are connected in some way to food and/or health promotion, so don’t be afraid to try them out. Some of these included ingredients are: chocolate chip cookies, mixed vegetables, cinnamon chips.

If you want to give this a try, you can make your own mixed nuts or snack mix in just a few minutes!

These mixes are a great way to get your kids involved in food prep as they learn about the different items in the container.

Protein powder

healthy food sg

A protein powder is not a healthy food, even though it may aid in weight loss. A single scoop of a protein powder can cost between thirty and forty cents!

Why is one scowling you down? Because they are high in sodium and processed, that is why! Most are made from beef or chicken instead of rice or pea protein. This can make a big difference in how much you need to drink.

Processed proteins are higher in sodium than fresh ones, which can be trouble when you are trying to drink enough water. Even with the suggested amount of servings of fruit and vegetables per day, a cup of spinach has only one teaspoon of vitamin C!

By using some healthy fats in your diet, such as coconut oil or peanut butter, you will also be providing your body with some vitamin C to help with this drinking problem.

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