Healthy Meal Delivery Services For Clean Eating

As concerns over sedentary lifestyles and rising non-communicable diseases (NCDs) continue to mount in Singapore, many residents are turning to healthy food delivery services as a solution for clean eating. Here are some of the best options.

However, Singaporeans still consume too many sugar and salt despite consuming less calories overall – 90 per cent exceed the daily recommended limit of 5g!

Getting Started

Singaporeans’ lifestyles have become significantly less active over the years. Many now rely on ride-hailing apps for transportation rather than walking or taking public transit; as a result, this leads to weight gain due to inactivity as well as higher risks of diabetes.

Meal delivery services can help provide healthy meals to combat this problem. They offer a wide selection of omnitarian, low-carb and vegetarian choices with information regarding calories and nutritional values listed on their menus so that consumers can make more informed decisions.

Fitness Ration was established with the mission of providing nutritious and delicious meals to all Singaporeans. Their meals are baked, steamed and grilled to ensure you’re receiving enough essential vitamins and minerals for good health, then packaged and frozen to preserve their flavour and nutrition. Fitness Ration offers a great start towards living healthier!

Meal Plan Options

No matter your goals – whether they include counting calories or building muscle – there’s a meal plan tailored just for you. From caloric-controlled dishes to protein delivered directly by weight, healthy food delivery services make eating clean easier than ever and help ensure you stay on track with your health goals.

Yummy Bros is a meal prep startup offering healthy takeaway meals in controlled portions. Their menu features classic hawker dishes like chicken lemak and beef rendang in healthier versions, baked, steamed or grilled and contain various sources of protein for maximum yum factor!

FABA offers vegan-friendly food delivery that utilizes high-protein vegetables and plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy, with its rotating menu displaying calories and nutritional values for each item. Choose two, three or five day plans and have delicious healthy food delivered right to your door!

Nutritional Information

Ms Wong Hui Mei, Senior Dietitian from Singapore General Hospital, says that dieting that eliminates or severely restricts certain food groups – like carbohydrates – may actually backfire. Carbs provide energy and fibre which fill you up, so not receiving enough will cause hunger pangs.

Singapore remains home to some healthy eateries despite rising obesity rates among its inhabitants, particularly at hawker centers known as Kopitiams where locals get their breakfast, lunch and dinner from.

These meals may contain high levels of sodium, MSG and fat; therefore it’s wise to consume them sparingly or refrain altogether. Luckily, healthy meal delivery services exist that offer various healthy meal choices including omnitarian dishes delivered right to your doorstep and low-carb and vegetarian cuisine delivered direct. You can even select two, three or five day plans so as to follow your chosen diet more closely.

Customer Service

Fitness Ration is a meal delivery service offering healthy and delicious food that’s designed to reduce insulin spikes, curb indigestion, and water retention more efficiently than ever before. Each dish can be customized according to an individual’s individual needs for baking, steaming or grilling; additionally they’re the only service offering gender specific meals so women can reach their goals faster! For vegans seeking healthy meals delivered straight to their door Faba offers nutritious vegan meal deliveries in insulated boxes to your doorstep for fresh delivery directly.

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