Healthy Meal Plan Singapore

healthy meal plan singapore

Are You Counting Calories and Seeking a Healthier Meal Plan? A nutritious diet is key in helping prevent chronic diseases.

Health Promotion Board (HPB) Singapore launched My Healthy Plate initiative to encourage healthier eating habits among its population. This effort encourages them to incorporate more vegetables, fruits and whole grains into their meals.


YOLO Food, based out of Singapore, provides healthy takeaway solutions designed to support a lifestyle of wellness. Each meal is prepared by our in-house chefs and designed by an expert nutritionist in order to help customers meet their health goals – be they weight loss, fitness or overall nutrition.

Menus at Lose It! are divided into four types, including weight loss, eating cleanly, low carb and vegetarian dishes. It also provides calories and nutritional values per dish served.

Food served is Halal-certified, suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diners. Choose between two-, three- or five-day meal plans to satisfy all dietary preferences.

Alexis Bauduin founded this brand with the goal of changing people’s understanding and experience with healthy eating, hoping that it would show that it doesn’t have to be tasteless or expensive.


WhyQ is one of Singapore’s favorite meal delivery services for good reason – offering delicious hawker fare direct to your doorstep instead of having to queue in the blistering heat during lunch time. Offering over 2,500 different hawker stalls from which you can select, You can satisfy cravings like chicken rice and Otah-Otah without ever leaving your desk!

WhyQ delivers not only delicious hawker delicacies, but they also offer corporate catering and meal plan services, making lunch delivery effortless in your office environment. In partnership with Michelin-recognized restaurants, WhyQ brings top quality fare right to you.

WhyQ stands out among Singapore’s many food delivery options as one of the more cost-effective, thanks to their digital ecosystem that doesn’t charge vendors any commission. They are also partners of Eat for Good NVPC Company of Good initiative which seeks to incorporate doing good into everyday encounters; and offers gift-a-meal scheme so users can sponsor meals for heroes, healthcare workers, or migrant workers through WhyQ’s app.


Faba is an online meal subscription service offering nutritious plant-based, high protein meals to subscribers for weekly delivery to their doorstep. They specialise in sustainable solutions rather than volume deliveries, offering many customisation options so consumers can tailor their meal choices and delivery frequency according to individual preference – including vegan dishes as an add-on option in addition to standard vegan and vegetarian offerings.

FABA Foods is not strictly a diet food brand; rather it aims to balance taste with nutrition – the team behind FABA have extensive culinary experience, crafting comforting recipes more akin to hearty comfort food than restrictive low carb/low GI or keto options. Furthermore, their focus is strongly on sustainability – no processed meat substitutes or “fake meats” are ever used as part of meal plans!

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