Healthy Meal Plan Singapore

healthy meal plan singapore

Many Singaporeans are becoming more aware of how diet can impact their health; however, finding time and ingredients to shop and cook may not always be feasible.

Meal plan delivery services have quickly gained popularity throughout the island, offering nutritious meals prepared and selected by dieticians and nutritionists.

Nutrify Prep

Nutrify Prep stands out from other meal delivery services in Singapore by not including pork, lard or alcohol in its meals. They offer various meal plans including calorie-controlled and vegetarian options to help achieve fitness goals.

The Good Prep offers a selection of delicious meals designed by chefs and registered dietician. With these nutritious dishes delivered directly to your doorstep, there’s sure to be something perfect. Choose between omnitarian, low-carb and vegetarian meals and get them right to your door!

Adulting can be hard enough without adding food delivery as another added responsibility, but imagine getting an amazing, hot and wholesome dinner delivered at the end of an exhausting day – that would truly be blissful!


YoloFood stands out among Singapore’s many healthy food delivery services with their wide range of meal plans and Olympic-certified nutritionist, helping customers reach their weight goals whether that means making gains or cutting weight.

AMGD stands for Ahhmahgawd, and that’s exactly how they aim for you to feel after experiencing their mouth-watering meals! Their meals feature high-quality proteins and low glycemic carbs paired with vegetables and good fats; plus they’re certified halal too!

Your meals for an entire week can now be ordered quickly, allowing you to avoid waste and save on grocery costs! With these pre-planned meal kits you’ll also enjoy convenient add-ons like vacuum-packed ingredients and snacks – saving both time and money in the process.


To maintain good health, it’s essential that you eat a well-rounded and satisfying diet. Unfortunately, keeping this up can be challenging when life gets in the way – however it doesn’t have to be!

YOLO Food is a healthy meal plan and delivery service that makes eating clean easier, with meals that are delicious yet cost-effective and convenient. They offer various dietary goals like weight loss or muscle growth and offer meal plans accordingly.

Supper Club provides recipes approved by an in-house nutritionist, and features delicious dishes like basil minced chicken and beef bulgogi. In addition to providing vegetarian and vegan meals, Supper Club also provides halal certified meals – its most popular pre-packed meals being Cauliflower Rice with Herb Chicken & Spinach Egg and Rendang Chicken with Brown Rice & Curry-Roasted Cauliflower.


Nutritious Kitchen offers meal plans designed to help you achieve your health goals – be they weight loss, muscle growth or eating healthily in general. Their nutritious yet flavorful dishes can be ready in as little as three minutes!

WhyQ is a Singapore-based food delivery service that makes ordering from your favourite hawker centers and food courts convenient and affordable. Choose from various cuisines with discounts available through WhyQ vouchers; even refer friends/family and earn $5 worth of WhyQ vouchers per person you introduce (terms and conditions apply); these vouchers will arrive directly into your account once your referred friend/family have successfully placed their first WhyQ order successfully completed!

F45 Challenge

F45 Circuit Training Gym has recently introduced its own meal plan to encourage its members to develop healthy lifestyle habits. These meals, designed to complement workouts and are both calorie-controlled and nutritional. You can collect them at F45 gyms near you or have it delivered right to your home address.

Meals include Asian favorites like Zamboanga Turmeric Coconut Seabass and Chinese Style Glazed Chicken Thigh that can be ready in under three minutes and eaten either hot or cold. Each meal is packed with high-quality proteins, veggies and healthy carbohydrates to promote good nutrition and well-being.

The F45 Challenge is an ideal choice for individuals who wish to get in shape, featuring both workouts and meal plans to help achieve your health objectives.

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