Healthy Meals Delivered Singapore

healthy meals delivered singapore

Finding time to shop, plan meals and cook can be challenging when managing work commitments, so meal plan delivery services offer relief.

Yummy Bros is a local meal prep startup that specializes in creating Asian cuisine with a healthy twist, such as their renditions of char kway teow and nasi lemak, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is the brainchild of three Singaporean gym buddies who specialize in reinventing classic Asian dishes with healthier, more nutritious twists. Each meal is carefully constructed to be both balanced and nourishing – as well as accommodating for special diets like low-carb or vegetarian eating styles. Their individually portioned meals can be easily heated up in under five minutes at prices starting from $4.90!

Dieting should never be about willpower alone – it should be about sustainability! At Yummy Bros, their food is designed to support customers on their new healthy journey with ease and their website features an easy automated macro calculator to assist you with this.

Sign up with Yummy Bros to take advantage of a first-time 15% discount (min order of $50). Just use code “EATBOOK” at checkout – be sure to follow them on social media too, for updates about new offerings!

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Hawker food is an integral part of Singapore culture, but it may not always be ideal if you’re trying to watch your calories. Luckily, this local meal prep startup offers healthier versions of popular dishes like nasi lemak and beef rendang. Plus, their automated calorie counter gives full transparency so you can see how well your diet is going!

Nutrition Kitchen meal plans can be tailored specifically to you by answering a short questionnaire about your goals and lifestyle. Options range from calorie-controlled plans for weight loss or low-carb plans for muscle building; to more protein-heavy options such as seared rainbow trout with butter lettuce, nahm pla phrik sauce, pickled beetroots, and roast zucchini as protein sources.

Established in 2018, AMGD makes healthy eating easy by providing delicious yet nutritous meals directly to your door. Choose between weekly passes or their unique pay-per-use credit system; their chilled meals can be eaten immediately or heated up later using your microwave at home.


FitThree offers customers an easy and convenient way to eat healthily with its meal prep delivery service, using locally-sourced ingredients while supporting local economies and sustainability initiatives. In addition, each meal is carefully overseen by a registered dietician so you can rest assured your diet will remain balanced. Two, three and five day plans as well as a la carte options are also available from this company.

FitThree makes ordering healthy meals online easy and delivers them right to select gyms/studios for pick up. They deliver twice weekly to homes or offices and feature low glycemic foods and protein sources suitable for vegetarian, omnitarian, or low carbohydrate diets.

Adulting can be tough – from keeping finances organized to sticking with a gym regimen. But imagine receiving a hot, nutritious dinner delivered directly to your doorstep after a long day’s work – pure bliss! Singapore boasts numerous healthy food delivery services which offer nutritious fare to help keep you eating right while keeping your diet on track.

Fitness Ration

Fitness Ration’s team is passionate about offering convenient meal prep service for fitness enthusiasts. All their recipes have been field-tested by professional athletes to ensure they’re healthy and tasty; plus they cater for those with special dietary requirements as well.

Established in 2015, Fitness First Catering caters to fitness enthusiasts who don’t have the time or the ability to prepare their own food at home. Their menu offers health-focused recipes suitable for anyone. Made with high-quality ingredients and served in large portions, you will have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. In addition, Facebook randomly gives out free delivery codes every so often; plus they deliver to offices and gyms all throughout New York.

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