Healthy Meals Delivered Singapore

healthy meals delivered singapore

For those with busy lifestyles who struggle to find time to cook nutritious meals, meal delivery services can be a great solution. These services usually offer healthy meal plans tailored towards helping you reach your weight loss and health objectives.

These healthy meal delivery Singapore services provide a variety of menus and package lengths to get you on your path towards healthier eating.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen Singapore offers a convenient meal delivery service tailored to individual lifestyles and goals. All meals are designed by body composition specialists and chefs for maximum nutrient value and flavor.

Their meal plans are calorie-controlled and delivered daily to homes in Singapore. Select a package that best meets your needs and goals: five, eight or 18 days!

They offer four meal plans tailored towards less active females (regular low carb at 330kcal), less active males (large low carb at 440kcal), highly active females (regular balanced at 415kcal per meal) and highly active males (large balanced at 560kcal per meal). All meals are sent chilled so you can reheat them when ready.


If you’re searching for a nutritious, halal-certified takeaway meal in Singapore, YOLO Food is one of your best bets. Their menu has been created with help from an Olympic-certified nutritionist and boasts a selection of healthful dishes designed with purpose.

With four distinct meal plans to choose from, you can tailor your meals to meet your lifestyle objectives. There are plans for weight loss, vegetarian meals and an Eat Clean diet plan.

YOLO Food stands out for its sustainable food practices and has earned the certification of Green Label restaurant status by foodpanda. To minimize their environmental footprint, they utilize only fresh, organic and local ingredients whenever possible.

YOLO Food’s nutritious meals are delicious, wholesome and well-balanced. Their menu boasts an array of dishes like brown rice chicken paella, beef bulgogi with sweet potato noodles or vegan peranakan curry.


If you’re on a clean eating regimen and looking for nutritious meals delivered to Singapore, WhyQ has got you covered. They provide meal plans tailored towards omnivores, low-carb eaters and vegetarians alike.

They provide a rotating menu of healthy options for an overall balanced approach to nutrition. Plus, their certified dietician helps customize your plan so you can reach your health objectives without feeling overwhelmed.

They offer delivery services to residential and office zones alike. Their couriers use a hub-and-spoke model for long distance coverage, keeping delivery fees low.

Kim’s Paradise

Madam Tan Swee Kim founded Kim’s Paradise, Singapore’s largest home delivery (tingkat) company. Their dishes are prepared with top-quality ingredients and they offer a diverse menu selection to meet the varied tastes of Singaporeans.

They offer a selection of set meals with two sides, drinks and desserts. Popular choices include ayam lemak, masak kueh asam pedas and sambal tumis sotong.

Happy Mama Papa offers healthy tingkat food delivery in Singapore that’s made with fresh ingredients and free from MSG and salt. Additionally, their menu has been certified halal-certified, so you can rest assured your family will receive delicious and nutritious meals!

They offer 5-, 10- and 20-day meal plans to fit into your busy lifestyle. Their tingkat meals are specially prepared to be softer and easier to chew, making them an ideal option for people with dietary restrictions.

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