Healthy Meals in Singapore

healthy meals singapore

Many Singaporeans struggle with an inadequate diet. They do not consume enough fruits and vegetables, indulge too frequently in deep-fried food and consume excessive sweetened beverages.

To address unhealthy eating habits, the Health Promotion Board has launched ongoing campaigns to alter food choices. Here are some great places offering delivery of healthy meals.

1. Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is the brainchild of two gym buddies who believe getting fit shouldn’t mean sacrificing great food and nutrition. Their meal prep service serves up tasty Asian meals such as Kung Pow Chicken and Sambal Fish that are nutritionally balanced for you to enjoy.

Individually-sized meals created by their team of chefs are deliciously wholesome and tailored to specific diets such as low carbohydrates or vegetarian diets. With an automated calorie counter built right in, you can keep track of your intake easily.

Select from Omnivore’s range of omnivore, low-carb or vegetarian meals according to your nutrition goals and have them delivered directly. They even offer a halal option! Plus you can buy three, five or seven days’ worth of meals.

2. Fit Three

No matter if your goal is weight loss or muscle growth, Fit Three’s team of professional chefs and dieticians is here to assist. Their meals feature omnitarian, low-carb or vegetarian menu options packed with nutrients.

Meal plan delivery services make achieving fitness goals faster by handling all of the planning for you. Simply choose your package and receive calorie-controlled meals that can be baked, steamed or grilled – along with low-carb and keto options with built-in macro calculator. They deliver twice weekly to various gym locations to foster consistent lifestyle eating – an excellent solution for busy professionals looking to make healthy eating an integral part of their routines.

3. Yummy Bowls

Yummy Bowls is an online meal delivery service offering delicious and healthy cuisine prepared by professional chefs. Select your ideal menu item whether it be low-cal to help with weight loss or with more calories for muscle building; purchase their a la carte pass for more affordable pricing and get multiple meals delivered directly.

Established by a doctor-turned-accidental chef, this healthy restaurant strives to encourage its customers to view eating as part of a lifestyle rather than merely diet. Their wide range of macro balanced dishes includes salmon tandoori and eggplant curry as well as fresh salads and nutrient-packed acai bowls; additionally they cater for dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free diets as well.

4. Yummy Salads

Salads are an integral component of a nutritious diet, yet preparing them on your own can be time-consuming. That’s why many people turn to salad bars for lunch or supper options; these restaurants provide delicious salads at competitive prices.

This popular healthy food delivery service carefully curates meals to meet the individual nutritional requirements of their customers. From delicious granola bowls to protein-packed salads, they have something suitable for every appetite!

AMGD outlets in Singapore provide an easy and convenient way to meet your green food needs, with their menu featuring fresh veggies, lean proteins and low glycemic carbohydrates. You can save money with an AMGD pass offering various meal credits.

5. Yummy Japanese

Tucked along Jalan Kayu, this Muslim-owned eatery provides delicious halal Japanese meals with an element of cultural immersion. Enjoy their delectable rice bowls, bento sets and protein-rich congee prepared using premium quality halal ingredients – plus their five and 10-day meal plans are flexible enough to meet any dietary need!

Ichikokudo Ramen offers authentic Hokkaido cuisine without the expensive price tag, with their hearty ramen soup filled with succulent combinations of chashu pork, chicken, bonito tuna mackerel and kelp. And don’t forget about their wide selection of sake from sweet to dry varieties to pair your meal perfectly.

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