Healthy Singapore Food Restaurants

healthy singapore food

Experience delicious and minimally-processed healthy cuisine at these restaurants, from yoghurt bowls to super salads! Offering high-quality ingredients rich with nutrients while being absolutely delectable!

Hawker centres and coffee shops form an integral part of Singaporean diets. Some stalls even provide healthier choices such as brown rice and reduced-sugar beverages that bear the Healthier Choice Symbol label.

Real Food

If you appreciate nutritious food, this healthy restaurant should certainly be on your radar. Their menu is free from meat and processed ingredients while being cost-effective; in addition, they provide healthy snacks and drinks to help you stick with your diet.

At its menu is inspired by different cultures, suitable for vegetarians, vegans and paleo diets alike. Organic ingredients and low-fat oils are used in their dishes as well as low-calorie smoothies which provide vital nutrition – with popular items including the chicken grain bowl.

If you are seeking a healthier version of traditional chili crab, look no further. Coronation Shopping Plaza provides this hawker centre option with less sauce and more veggies in their dish – perfect for those on a budget! Additionally, their mee siam and popiah dishes are delicious too – this stall can’t be missed!


Icon Village’s YOLO is one of the premier places for healthy Singapore cuisine. Their menu boasts detox drinks, super salads and protein bowls to meet all diets’ requirements – giving your health an added boost with their Acai Smoothies too!

The owners of this food outlet were inspired by their trips to Hawaii and wanted to bring a taste of Hawaii’s islands back home with them, including delicious Poke bowls that anyone can enjoy! They are nutritious yet delicious – something everyone will find irresistible!

Singapore offers many hawker centres where you can enjoy healthy meals. Make sure that your selection has an A rating from the Food Council, and look for locals lining up, which often indicates fresh food. Be wary of fried food, which often contains too much salt and sugar.

Terra Madre

Terra Madre in Dempsey Hill strives to encourage healthy eating as part of an overall lifestyle choice for its community. Offering fresh produce, conscious ingredients and local finds on its Australian-inspired menu – soba and quinoa alongside delicious proteins such as Kurobuta pork belly ($35) or teriyaki chicken quinoa are just some of the delectable dishes you’ll find there!

Dessert options at La Casa De Chia include vegan house-made chia pudding topped with cookie crumble and drizzle of nut butter; as well as organic and sustainable acai fruit that packs 10x more antioxidants than blueberries for an acai sundae bowl sundae bowl!

Ri Ji Porridge serves Cantonese-style porridge that has long been a comfort food in Singapore, while other healthy breakfast choices include steamed bao buns, non-fried popiah and baked instead of fried roti prata from Fitness Ration. Look out for their low sodium shirataki noodles which contain zero calories!

Mood Food

Many healthy foods and produce can help improve your mood and lift your spirits, such as dark chocolate which contains phenylethylamine which stimulates brain production of endorphins (chemicals that reduce stress and boost mood).

Diets that contain plenty of protein are another effective way to lift your mood and support wellbeing. Chicken breast is an excellent source of essential amino acids. Fried chicken, on the other hand, should be avoided due to its higher fat and sodium levels.

If you need something quick to snack on, popiah (a Chinese crepe or thin pancake stuffed with bean sprouts, peanuts and egg) or mee siam (rice vermicelli noodles typically served with sweet and spicy gravy) are great quick snacks! To complete your meal add an Indian curry and roti prata which both offer lower sodium intake than many other dishes available at any hawker centre!

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