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Health is a key priority for most people today. Running to get my blood pressure down, eating healthfully and portioning my meals are the most common ways people try to improve their health.

While all types of healthy foods are fine, it is the unusual foods that are unique to Singapore that make them interesting to eat. These include vegetables from all over the country, fruit from all over the world, and spices from all over the world.

Many of these spices are associated with medical treatments in different parts of the world. This makes it a rich source of food!

In this article, we will go through some of the typical food styles and why they may be consumed healthily. We will also discuss some ways to identify if a food is healthy for you and how to eat enough of it to improve your health.

Our article focuses on healthy foods, but did not escape the attention of our readership! Check out our website if you want more information on other wellness related topics.


healthy singapore food

If you are looking for an affordable and nutritious chicken meal in Singapore, you should try Ayam Jamin FC. Ayam Jamin is a dark red chicken breast in Singapore. It is usually sold dry, which is perfect if you are not in the kitchen to make your own sauce!

You can also ask for it soto vermelho, which means red with black pepper. This has a delicious smoky taste to it! These restaurants are usually located near supermarkets and food centres.

Another good chicken option is KFC.


healthy singapore food

If you are a pork fan, you should know about the best places to eat pork in Singapore. Most notable is the Pork Baruah in Punggol River Valley, which is a meat market where you can go and buy whole pigs, and even ring-bone pork!

The sellers at Pork Baruah are very professional, and will even show you how to prepare the pork you buy. This is helpful if you have a kid who is not experienced with pig dished!

Another good place to eat pork is at Geylang Kapayuhan (Kapiah Ngee Ann City), located just next to Lian Hun Chinese Bistro.


If you are looking for a way to flavor your beef, here are some delicious ways to do so. You can make your own soy sauce, gochujang, make sauce using honey and mustard, or use a processed one.

Another way to flavor your meat is to use different types of fat. If you like melted butter in your food, you can useinitely add some texture to your food!

These days, there are many ways to find good beef. There areabelbistubs, steaks, grilled or fried meats such as chicken wings and hot dogs. If you want more savory foods then let them be!

There are also products that mix soy sauce with other liquids to create a flavor base. These might help match the beef with another flavor.


healthy singapore food

Prawns are one of the most widely eaten fish in Southeast Asia. They are generally seen as a little bit expensive side dish, but if you are on a budget, you can try buying them at hawker centres.

These plants are usually found in restaurants, but they do not have all year-round. You can go prawn fishing in season!

We typically buy them deep-fried and enjoy them with mayonnaise and noodles. Or we simply eat them by themselves. Either way, they are so good that you will be sorry when they’re gone.

If you want to get more health benefits from your prawns, then read up on how to cook them properly so that you get maximum benefits from your prawns.


healthy singapore food

Laksa is a dim-sum staple. Tucked away in virtually every restaurant in Singapore is a packet of laksa packet. Laksa contains noodles, fish, and/or fruits.

A laksa is not a chi-chi drink like pho, but rather it is a noodle dish with fruit or vegetables added. The noodles are coconut and light bamboo rice topped with your choice of herb and/or vegetable.

Most people enjoy their lakšāśśů šilpò (sauceless noodles) served with chive or sambal, but you can also get it without if you do not want the heat level of the chive or sambal.

Bamboo rice is one of the main components of a lakšāśśů šilpò as it helps to hold the sauces together.

Rice noodles

healthy singapore food

Noodles are one of the most staple foods in east asian cuisine. They are typically cooked with meat, vegetables, and/or fruit.

While virtually every Singaporean eats noodles at some point, they are not always easy to find. Most noodle chains offer their own variation of noodles in separate packages, making it easy to introduce them into your diet.

The best way to eat rice noodles is in warm soup or stir-fry style dishes. This is also a good way to introduce different textures into your food as well as how you prepare it.

We recommend Youngs Rice Noodles for our healthy Singapore food list as they are low in carbs and gluten free! Youngs also sells variants of their rice noodles that are packaged which makes them easier to take on-and-off the digestive system.


healthy singapore food

Eggplant is a vital vegetable in Singapore. It is usually served in steamed or fried form, but any kind will do- raw, roasted or boiled.

Unlike other vegetables such as tomatoes and bell peppers, eggplant does not come premade in either cooked or raw form. You must buy or make your own!

The right way to eat eggplant is by cutting it into rounds and cooking them with a few spices. The roasted seeds and tangy skin make for a perfect accompaniment to some veggies and/or meat.

If you are looking for alternatives to the usual fried eggplant dishes, search into baked eggplant, steamed eggplant or even grilled eggplant.


healthy singapore food

Is there a more versatile food texture than tofu? Once you taste the wonders of bean curd, you will never go back to tofu plain and sweet. There are so many ways to prepare it, and infinite combinations with other textures and flavors.

It can be stir-fried, roasted, grilled, or even use in soups and dishes. Even the finest chefs turn to bean curd when they want a softer texture.

Many people find it difficult to eat enough tofu every day. The Pursued Company offers an easy way to keep yourself topped up with tofu.

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