Hill’s Prescription Diet Singapore Recalled Due to Elevated Vitamin D Levels

hills prescription diet singapore

Hill’s Pet Nutrition of Singapore issued three recalls due to elevated vitamin D levels, prompting many customers to post on its Facebook page about their pets becoming sick or even passing away after consuming these products.

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What is Hill’s Prescription Diet?

Hill’s Prescription Diet offers high-quality food designed specifically to address health issues in cats and dogs. Their goal is to assist these pets live longer, healthier lives. All ingredients used are tested to ensure your pet remains safe.

If your dog is experiencing digestive issues, feeding him/her food that’s easy for them to digest is key in alleviating symptoms like bloat and gas. Hill’s i/d Digestive Care canned dog food is an excellent option to consider as it may help manage their symptoms more effectively.

The I/D Digestion Care canned dog food contains natural fiber to aid in the prevention of bloating, gas and diarrhea in your pup, along with low fat content to keep their weight down and probiotics to support balanced gut flora. We advise gradually introducing this food by starting off by offering 25% of their meal at first.

Why Choose Hill’s Prescription Diet?

Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care Chicken Flavor Dry Dog Food has been designed to support your pet’s urinary health. Crafted in the United States with trusted ingredients from around the globe and designed by Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians for maximum digestibility, this tasty nutrition actively promotes regular bowel movements and reduces future digestive upsets.

It has been specially formulated to address your pet’s weight, digestive issues, and blood sugar needs with its optimal blend of soluble and insoluble fibers, plus therapeutic levels of L-carnitine to metabolize fat efficiently while building lean muscle mass. Plus, S+OXSHIELD protects against struvite crystals by supporting normal urine pH levels – helping ensure a better overall experience!

The u/d dry diet is an innovative nutritional product developed by experts in dog nutrition for any age or breed of canine. Vets highly recommend it!

Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care Dry Dog Food is an award-winning pet food that promotes digestive wellness and weight management in pets. Formulated specifically to target stool consistency, nutrient absorption and frequency of bowel movements; plus it features probiotics and omega fatty acids to support gut microbiomes and ensure balanced nutrition for your four-legged friend!

The I/D Formula was specifically created for patients suffering from intestinal absorptive disorders such as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Formulated with premium quality ingredients and subjected to daily safety checks to ensure your pet gets only the best product, this recipe features high levels of dietary fiber and ginger for improved digestion, prebiotics that promote nutrient absorption and firmer stool formation as well as glucosamine/chondroitin to help support cartilage/joint protection as well as clinically proven antioxidants to promote strong immunity.

Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Dry Cat Food offers great tasting, highly digestible nutrition to help settle digestive upset in cats. This food also has controlled levels of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus to reduce stone formation in the urinary tract as well as a higher pH to promote healthy urine levels. As its primary protein source this formula also includes chicken meat meal; additionally it contains brewers rice, corn gluten meal powdered cellulose powdered maize gluten meal; as well as additional ingredients like pork liver fat chicken fat fish oil and soybean oil for additional supplemented nourishment!

Hill’s Prescription Diet has long been trusted brand, but critics have long accused it of overcharging for their products. A lawsuit filed by a Kansas consumer claims the company is taking advantage of their name recognition to justify high prices; furthermore, state laws do not mandate prescription for this food, however a veterinarian must still recommend it; to locate one near you use our convenient veterinarian locator tool.

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