How to Level Up Your Weight Loss Journey in Singapore

If you have been trying to lose weight but have made no noticeable progress towards reaching a healthier BMI value, don’t give up. There may be ways that can speed up the journey to weight loss such as consulting a doctor about doctor-prescribed weight loss pills in Singapore.

Jasmin Ting realized it was time to take action when climbing stairs became challenging for her. Since then, she has successfully shed 42kg.

Weight loss surgery

Bariatric surgery may be the ideal choice for individuals suffering from extreme obesity who also have related medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, who wish to lose weight through improved nutrition, lifestyle modifications and surgical intervention. Furthermore, they tend to be safe over time.

Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy (GSG) is a combination restrictive-malabsorptive procedure, in which a small stomach pouch is formed and food passes more quickly through. This reduces calories absorbed, helps decrease hunger, and increases fullness.

Medication may help curb cravings for food and suppress appetite, especially when combined with lifestyle changes like dieting or exercise. Commonly prescribed drugs include phentermine, orlistat and liraglutide; these should only be used under medical advice and not long term; rather they should serve as a last resort should lifestyle strategies fail.

Diet and exercise

Singapore is an advanced city-state with high rates of obesity and noncommunicable diseases, including noncommunicable cardiovascular disorders such as type 2 diabetes. Weight management programmes exist, offering holistic solutions for one’s diet and lifestyle as well as health education and physical activities. Unfortunately, however, more Singaporeans spend their days indoors using ride-hailing apps and shopping platforms instead of being active outside themselves which has resulted in decreased daily activity levels as well as insufficient exercise needed to maintain a healthy weight.

Long work hours are an integral component of Singaporean working culture and may negatively affect health by lacking exercise and unhealthy dietary practices. This can have serious repercussions for physical and mental wellbeing; excessive or fad dieting could even cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances which is why balanced meals containing both proteins and complex carbohydrates, and sufficient rest and sleep is vital when trying to lose weight.

Weight loss supplements

Weight loss supplements are an effective way to shed excess fat and accelerate your metabolism, but always check ingredients that won’t harm your health and only buy from trusted sellers to ensure you receive a product which won’t end up doing more harm than good. Otherwise, there could be serious adverse side effects and permanent harm done.

Singapore offers numerous weight loss supplements, including natural substances such as Garcinia cambogia, green tea and Guarana that aid in burning excess fat. To maximize results from taking such products alongside diet and regular exercise, consult your healthcare provider.

Being overweight is a serious medical concern that can increase your risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues and cancers. Losing weight may reduce these risks; however, before making changes on your own without first consulting with healthcare professionals.

Weight loss clinics

Many view obesity solely as an aesthetic concern; however, its effects can have far-reaching ramifications on one’s health and wellbeing. Obesity has been linked with diabetes and high blood pressure; additionally it may lead to depression and low self-esteem in affected individuals.

Singapore Government is conscious of this problem and has implemented various weight loss initiatives to foster a healthier lifestyle. One such initiative is the SGH Obesity Centre which offers evidence-based treatment for obesity and related metabolic conditions as well as 16-week weight management programmes which include appointments with a doctor, dietician and physiotherapist.

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