How to Use a Calorie Counter in Singapore

A calorie counter singapore is an invaluable tool that makes keeping track of how many calories you are consuming easier than ever before. It allows users to see at a glance how many calories are being consumed at every meal as well as keeping an overall record of daily total calorie consumption.

Calorie counters can help prevent weight gain by tracking food and beverage intake, and supporting you in meeting both diet and fitness goals more easily.


An Industrial Development Agency, or IDA for short, is an organization that offers businesses various financial incentives in order to support expansion or relocation within an area needing economic help. Such incentives could include tax abatements, loans and grants in addition to providing technical expertise. IDAs often assist businesses with large-scale projects in areas like construction, education manufacturing and transportation – for instance the Town of Islip IDA has assisted numerous businesses complete their plans by offering advantageous financial incentives as well as offering project planning support.

The iDAT game challenges you to sort words into categories on either side of the screen. When you see one that fits, press the “e” key for its left-side category; for right-side categories press “i”.


MyNetDiary was developed by the Singaporean government to promote healthier lifestyles and features an AutoPilot feature which automatically adjusts daily calorie targets according to body weight, target weight and exercise plan.

Track your blood glucose with precise accuracy with multiple timestamped measurements and targeted ranges – perfect for people living with diabetes or taking insulin or other medications.

MyNetDiary offers many other useful features, including nine charts to display your weekly calorie balance and diet trends at a glance, built-in support form for quicker responses, Group Discount page with up to 50% savings and Group Support page that lets you share MyNetDiary with family and friends at reduced rates.


Lifesum is a calorie counter designed to assist users in tracking their diet and exercise patterns. Furthermore, this application teaches users how to consume meals more mindfully for improved health benefits.

Meal plans, food ratings, a food diary and other features make Weight Loss Pro an easy way to reach weight loss goals. Plus, barcode scanning makes entering foods even faster!

This app works by asking a series of questions regarding your eating and exercise habits to develop a “Life Score.” The score takes into account 41 factors; higher scores indicate healthier lifestyle habits.

Lifesum offers users who are serious about improving their health and diet an effective option to enhance both. However, it should be remembered that Lifesum works if users take advantage of all its tools and information provided.

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