Keto Burger Singapore

keto burger singapore

Keto diets are popular choices among those trying to shed excess pounds while getting fitter, as they reduce carbohydrates while increasing healthy “good” fats and promote weight loss and fitness.

Keto eaters sometimes crave carbs and sugary treats. Singapore offers several tempting, yet healthy keto-friendly bakeries and restaurants that will meet these cravings.

KetoConnect Cafe

KetoConnect Cafe has you covered when it comes to hearty burgers or keto-friendly Thai cuisine – everything on their menu is prepared using healthy ingredients and is 100% ketogenic!

They also provide monthly meal plans and diet consultations as needed, so if you’re new to keto, they can assist in finding your way.

Seriously Keto stands out among the row of stores on Seah Street in Bugis thanks to its eye-catching awning and clean storefront. As Singapore’s first fully keto bakery, they provide an assortment of keto-friendly baked goods.

The Daily Cut offers an excellent option for keto dieters: their make-your-own salad bar offers custom bowls made up of veggies, protein-packed meats, grains and extra healthy goodies like avocado. Furthermore, there is also an extensive selection of low-carb pizzas and spaghetti available here.


Singapore boasts an abundance of keto-friendly restaurants that cater to those on a low-carb diet, offering delicious meat-free dishes that are both delectable and nutritional.

Plentyfull is one of the most distinctive dining spots to experience keto. Here, they combine modern brasserie, patisserie, restorative dining experience and gourmet grocery all into one, serving fresh in-house produce alongside mouthwatering dishes that exude comforting flavors that bring them out in full force.

Build-your-own salad bar section at this establishment is one of the star attractions, where guests can select from an extensive variety of proteins, veggies, grains and vegetarian-friendly tofu to craft the ideal low-carb meal for themselves. Add tasty toppings like avocado or extra protein-packed meats for an optimal keto meal experience!

The Daily Cut offers one of Singapore’s most flexible low-carb menu options. Serving protein-packed bowl meals that are ideal for clean eaters who work out regularly at the gym, they also have an extensive selection of delicious low-carb sweet treats free from gluten, sugar, dairy or additives that make up part of their offering.


Afterglow Restaurant in Keong Saik is an essential stop for plant-based enthusiasts. Offering imaginative dishes that are colorful and full of flavor, Afterglow stands out among other restaurants as an outstanding restaurant to visit.

This charming restaurant offered excellent service – they even asked about my allergies while taking orders!

Afterglow’s menu features innovative and eco-friendly dishes to meet the growing demands for cleaner options in Singapore, such as vegan options that are free from eggs, dairy and refined sugars – including keto-friendly items as part of its keto-friendly offering. Located at 24 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089131

Afterglow is a must-visit spot for its signature Kimchi Avo Rolls made with almond sushi “rice,” crushed avocados, and piquant housemade kimchi. Also try their Raw Crispy Lasagne featuring tender zucchini sheets lined with walnut minced meat for maximum crunchiness! For sweet treats try their raw chocolates or Acai bowl! Plus Afterglow offers clean food without too much effort or time spent preparing it yourself – great choice if you want an effortless diet plan.

The Boiler

The Boiler has been a Singapore staple since the ’70s, offering everything from sushi and pasta to ramen, pizza and burgers – with plenty of keto-friendly dishes including Boston lobster tail, barramundi fish fillets, prawns, clams and smoked sausages included in its Keto Premium Set at just around $30! This dish can feed four.

KetoBurgers from KetoFoodz offer an Australian grass-fed beef chuck patty topped with tomato, springy lettuce, cheddar cheese and mustard; in addition, there’s a keto breakfast kaya bun set available if something sweet will help get your day underway!

Seriously Keto is Singapore’s inaugural all-keto bakery and utilizes almond flour, egg whites and erythritol as the basis of their delicious creations. Additionally, they incorporate free-range omega-3 eggs, psyllium husk powder and dark chocolate into their delicious offerings – making it the ideal place to stock up before hitting the town in the evening, guilt-free!

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