Keto Burger Singapore

keto burger singapore

KetoConnect Cafe uses premium ingredients to craft keto-friendly dishes, from Thai cuisine to hearty burgers – all without added sugar or MSG! Additionally, they provide meal plans and diet consultation services.

KetoConnect Cafe in Singapore is the first keto bakery, offering a selection of low-carb baked goods sweetened with healthy erythritol sweetener suitable for diabetics.

KetoConnect Cafe

Keto Connect Cafe provides plant-based meat substitute burgers, such as the Impossible Burger, that are low-carb, high-protein, and fat-rich. Each 4 oz serving contains only 6 net carbs while it’s an excellent source of protein, zinc and vitamin B6. Unfortunately it may be slightly salty for those with sensitive stomachs.

The KetoConnect Cafe provides an impressive selection of food, such as burgers and salads, to those exploring keto diet. Ordered meals can even be delivered right to your door!

The KetoConnect Cafe is a restaurant and specialty grocer that specializes exclusively in keto products, offering meats, eggs, vegetables and cheese for sale along with keto bread and cookies. Their menu caters to vegans as well as people with nut allergies; additionally they’re gluten-free and no added sugars are present either!

The Living Cafe

Keong Saik eatery provides healthy plant-based meals that leave customers with an upbeat afterglow. Their menu consists of vegan, raw and low-carb options and is free from red meat, dairy, refined sugars and preservatives; their dishes boast amazing flavour and texture and cater to many different diets including veganism, vegetarianism and gluten-freeness. Their cozy restaurant was only filled with tables on Saturday morning.

Singapore’s inaugural fully keto bakery provides a selection of delicious low-carb baked goods using almond flour and Swerve sweetener, such as keto swiss rolls, burnt cheesecake and pandan chiffon cake. In addition, KetoBuns and delicious zero-sugar cupcakes can also be found here.

This cozy eatery in a shopping mall specializes in low-carb Asian fare. Diners can sample an aromatic chicken burger, vegan pad thai zoodles or zucchini lasagne for lunch; try salt-cured gravlax salmon and tender braised US short ribs as dinner choices. They also provide customized Keto meal prep packages including gut-healing bone broth that has been simmered for 48 hours!


Plentyfull is an eatery located at Millenia Walk that specializes in keto meals. Their use of ingredients sourced locally as well as their variety of beverages are all key aspects. Unfortunately, however, Plentyfull does not serve the Impossible Burger due to its highly processed nature and non-ketogenic ingredients.

Numerous dining experiences await at Plentyfull: from contemporary brasserie, fancy patisserie and gourmet grocer to restorative dining experiences. Their delicious meals feature freshly produced ingredients while their incredible menu offers both traditional and unique choices such as anchovy dressing grilled avocado with anchovies, house-smoked duck prosciutto, Pio Tosini parma ham as well as spicy garlic oil sauced grilled prawns!

Sofi Cafe Pizza

At Sofi Cafe Pizza, in addition to burgers, you can order delicious soup and salad dishes as well as generous portions. Their menu also offers desserts and beverages at very reasonable prices – you’ll have fun dining here with friends without breaking the bank!

Sofi Restaurant, situated in South of Fifth, is an ideal spot to bring family and friends. As an alternative to fast-food chains, Sofi serves an extensive menu from breakfast through lunch, as well as providing customized Keto meal plans with products like bone broth simmered for 48 hours.

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