Keto Diet Meal Plan Singapore

keto diet meal plan singapore

A healthy keto diet includes a range of plant-based proteins (e.g. tofu, tempeh and taukwa) as well as unsaturated fats and low-carb vegetables for fuel. Furthermore, this lifestyle encourages increased fibre consumption as well as providing an ideal balance of macronutrients.

Keto diet can be challenging in Singapore given our carb-heavy hawker food offerings, but you can still enjoy many of your favourite meals by making simple swaps such as swapping cauliflower for rice.


Selecting appropriate proteins when it comes to a keto diet is of utmost importance. Avoid deep-fried, sauced-laden or high in saturated fat foods and instead opt for braised and steamed meat dishes (such as sweet and sour pork or duck) as well as grilled seafood like calamari or oysters.

A healthy keto diet should contain a balance of plant and animal fats, lean protein sources, non-starchy vegetables, low-carb fruits and fibre. Furthermore, carbohydrates should be limited to 50 g or less daily in order to facilitate metabolic changes that encourage fat storage as an energy source.

HealthFull, a new meal delivery service in Singapore, offers an assortment of Keto meals that are steamed, stir-fried or baked. Their menu combines both popular local and Asian dishes like char kway teow, briyani chicken tandoori and sambal fried cauliflower rice as well as more Western options like Baked Cheesy Pasta and Risotto With Salmon. A team of dietitians collaborated in creating their Healthy Keto concept in order to address shortcomings associated with conventional diets while taking into account local eating habits and customs.


The keto diet is widely recognized for its many health advantages, including weight loss, lower blood sugar and improved skin health. Unfortunately, following a ketogenic meal plan in Singapore can be challenging – many hawker food is carb heavy which poses difficulties for those on ketogenic diets. Thankfully, one local company called HealthFull has created tasty keto friendly weight loss meals.

Their meals are developed according to a locally developed Healthy Ketogenic Diet concept that takes into account Singaporean food culture. As these meals contain high levels of proteins and fat while being low on carbohydrates, these are an ideal option for those on a ketogenic diet.

When selecting meats, select lean proteins like chicken breast and lean beef. Avoid foods with too much sauce or batter and avoid fast foods such as fries and pizzas. Vegetable and gourd dishes such as spinach and pumpkin make healthy alternatives but should be avoided as beans contain excessive carbohydrates.


A keto diet involves restricting carbohydrates while increasing fatty foods; this dietary shift has become increasingly popular among Singaporeans, with recipes, reports and testimonials on keto appearing online. Keto can aid weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and improve skin health; to ensure success it’s important to select healthy and well-balanced meals to ensure success.

As they may undermine the benefits of your diet, try to steer clear of foods high in saturated fats and sodium that will only serve to undo your efforts. Instead, select proteins that have been steamed or lightly stir fried, along with vegetables such as spinach and pumpkin for dishes to supplement the protein-based meals you already plan. Bean dishes tend to contain too many carbohydrates;

The Keto Diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat eating plan designed to help those living with diabetes or pre-diabetes better manage their condition. Additionally, the keto diet can also be an effective way of decreasing hunger pangs as it suppresses ghrelin production while simultaneously increasing production of satiety hormones like GLP-1 (Glucagon-like Peptide 1) and Cholecystokinin (CCK).


Although a keto diet limits carbs-rich foods, that doesn’t have to mean giving up all your favourites – with just a bit of tweaking you can still enjoy some delicious Keto recipes in Singapore and reach ketosis easily!

Start off right by opting for proteins that aren’t deep fried and sauces with minimal sugar content, such as steamed chicken breast, braised duck meat or char siew and stir fry vegetables and gourds with minimal sauces. When selecting noodles as your main course option consider shirataki or konjac varieties that are low in both carbohydrates and fat content.

If you don’t have time or energy to prepare your own meals, Keto food delivery services offer delicious recipes made with top-quality ingredients. Simply choose your plan and order online to have healthy, wholesome meals delivered directly to your door. Plus, they offer meal passes – discover more here.

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