Keto Diet Plan Singapore – How to Keep Calories Down in Hawker Foods

diet plan singapore

Singapore hawker food can be high in carbs and calories – an especially difficult obstacle for keto dieters to navigate. But with some clever substitutions you may be able to lower calories significantly.

Mdm Evelyn Lee had an active lifestyle and healthy appetite, yet her excess weight and borderline high blood sugar level increased her risk of diabetes. To reduce weight, she sought assistance from dietitians at Singapore General Hospital’s Department of Dietetics who provided her with a meal plan to shed unwanted pounds.

What is the plan?

If you’re finding it challenging to stick with your diet, healthy food delivery services may offer assistance. With pre-portioned, calorie-counted meals delivered directly to your door, meal prep will never again be an issue! Choose between omnitarian, vegetarian or low-carb options and get a nutritious meal plan sent right to your home!

Mdm Evelyn Lee* had always enjoyed food, yet as she reached 30 she found that her weight started to increase and her blood sugar level borderline high. Fearful that her excess weight could cause health complications, she consulted a dietitian at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), who assessed Mdm Lee’s nutritional status and food intake before suggesting counting calories as a way to lose weight – although Mdm Lee found this challenging when dining out.

How much food do I need to eat?

Food needs vary based on an individual’s metabolism, activity level and body type – these factors all play a part in how much you should eat each day.

No matter your activity level, consuming an appropriate number of calories for weight maintenance is vitally important. Unfortunately, counting them can be tedious and the variety of food can become complicated quickly.

Mdm Evelyn Lee used to be one of her friend’s idols due to her large appetite and seemingly limitless food consumption. But since giving birth two years ago, her BMI rose rapidly – to 27 kg/m2, while blood sugar levels bordered on being borderline high. Therefore she sought help from Ms Wong Hui Mei of Singapore General Hospital’s Department of Dietetics to assist in weight loss.

How much do I need to exercise?

Evelyn Lee*, a 35-year old mother of one child from Singapore General Hospital’s Department of Dietetics. Although she believed herself fit enough, Mdm Lee discovered she was overweight with a BMI of 27 kg/m2 and borderline high blood sugar levels. Worried that her weight may increase her risk for diabetes and other obesity-related diseases, Mdm Evelyn sought assistance at SGH from their Dietetics Department.

FitThree offers healthy food delivery plans that allow you to lose weight without drastic lifestyle adjustments. Choose from their menu of omnivorous, low-carb and vegetarian meals designed by a dietician – each meal provides adequate calories and fiber content to meet your weight loss goals.

What is the cost?

Good news – there are now affordable and convenient meal plan services available to promote healthy eating in Singapore! Designed by dieticians and delivered directly to your home or office, they cater to omnitarian, low-carb and vegetarian diets and feature only nutritious ingredients in each menu – not counting calories but providing adequate nutrients!

If you’re committed to losing weight and improving your health, meal plan services may be well worth considering. A balanced, nutritious diet not only reduces stress levels and boosts mental wellbeing, but it can also decrease the risk of diet-related chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes – making your investment worthwhile.

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