Keto Diet Singapore Restaurants

keto diet singapore

A keto diet encourages your body to use fat as energy and promotes weight loss, leading to low-carb, high-fat eating that includes various fruits and vegetables as well as periodic increases in carb intake.

Dr Lim notes that a healthy keto diet emphasizes foods rich in nutrition such as non-starchy vegetables and fatty fish; in her experience it has led to significant reductions in her patients’ blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The Living Cafe

The Living Cafe stands as a staple in Bukit Timah’s Sixth Avenue for raw vegan dining, offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cuisine free from refined sugars, preservatives, artificial additives or red meat.

Attracting local affluent crowds, this restaurant provides healthy yet delectable breakfast and lunch fare – such as sweet pumpkin pancakes, scrambled tofu with broccoli and homemade kaya on sourdough toast – that are both filling and flavorful. Furthermore, they serve drinks including cold-pressed juices, smoothies and wheatgrass elixirs to round out their menu offerings.

The Living Cafe is an ideal venue for vegan and vegetarian food enthusiasts who wish to explore something new. Their extensive menu boasts affordable options while their service is outstanding and atmosphere welcoming – ideal for having lunch with friends or family and offering dessert options too!


Duxton Hills restaurant Afterglow serves mouthwatering and Instagrammable plant-based cuisine that’s both delicious and Instagrammable. Their menu offers meatless versions of Japanese, Italian and Thai classics plus vegan desserts and beverages made with organic ingredients free from GMOs – even those with gluten allergies can enjoy Afterglow’s dishes!

Carmen Low, the owner of this restaurant in Singapore, is an enthusiastic foodie and advocate of sustainable living. With her strong passion for cooking and her keen ability to experiment with ingredients for delicious results, Carmen enjoys creating innovative meals. In addition, she is co-founder of Getai Group which is an arts and lifestyle platform.

Whoever’s looking to stay healthy without giving up their favorite meals can rely on Afterglow for delivery of delicious food, such as their Kimchi Avocado Rolls, Three Bean Brown Rice Burger, or Raw Crispy Lasagne.

Kung Fu Keto

The keto diet is an increasingly popular biohacking trend that puts your body into ketosis – a metabolic state characterized by high-fat and low-carb intake that has been shown to decrease diabetes risk as well as assist weight loss quickly. It offers several health benefits while simultaneously being an efficient method for weight reduction.

Kung Fu Keto is a popular beverage in Singapore, and offers various options for those following a ketogenic diet. Their drinks come in Medium and Large/Hot sizes with sugar levels from 0%-50%; there are some Punch Series drinks which do not meet this criteria, though.

This drink also features probiotics, healthy bacteria that promote good digestive health. Furthermore, magnesium is vital for optimal nerve and muscle functioning – this supplement may even be an option if you suffer from deficiency issues. You can purchase this drink online from various stores with discounts available if purchased in bulk.


The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb eating plan designed to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, it may help those managing blood sugar levels (particularly those living with diabetes ) better control their levels. Unfortunately, maintaining such a diet in Singapore may prove challenging given many meals are carb-heavy.

NTUC is one of Singapore’s largest social enterprises, featuring 58 affiliated unions, two associated associations and 10 social enterprises – as well as U Associates and enterprise partners. Their goals are to help working people stay competitively employable for life; improve social status and well-being; as well as create a responsible and caring labour movement.

NTUC FairPrice offers an assortment of low-carb, keto-friendly products including naturally derived monkfruit sweetener in tubs and sachets as well as the largest selection of konjac/shirataki noodles in popular hawker dishes such as kway teow and ee-fu noodles.

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