Keto Meal Plan Singapore

keto meal plan singapore

If you’re trying to shed pounds or improve your health, the keto diet can be an effective tool. It restricts carbohydrates while emphasizing more protein and healthy fats in your meals.

Keto food delivery services in Singapore make following a keto diet simple, eliminating all the hassle of meal planning and grocery shopping. Plus, their delicious keto recipes and portion sizes are tailored to fit your individual needs.

Meal planning

If you’re committed to losing weight and improving your health, a keto meal plan is the way to go. It provides all of your essential fats, proteins and vitamins in one easy-to-digest meal that won’t disrupt your eating schedule.

Generally, the Keto diet involves cutting carbs and replacing them with healthy fats and proteins. The key is to select your food carefully and in moderation; ideally, a keto diet should include foods that are high in vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids for maximum benefits.

The keto diet also calls for eating plenty of fatty cuts of meat and fish. Popular options include char siew, chicken breast, duck meat and more.

Adhering to a diet can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. With plenty of resources available, sticking with it doesn’t have to be impossible – here are some effective methods for success.


If you’re on a keto diet in Singapore, there are plenty of snacks that can be included as part of your meal plan. Popular items include nuts, berries and unprocessed cheese which you can easily source locally or order from nearby shops.

To successfully follow a keto diet, it’s important to be mindful of the carbohydrate content of foods you eat and opt for healthier options that are low in carbohydrates such as meats and vegetables. For instance, instead of ordering chicken rice or fishball noodles from hawker centres, why not switch it up with cauliflower fried rice?

Ketogenic diets can be a healthy way to shed pounds, regulate blood sugar levels and boost fat burning. They’re also beneficial in managing conditions like diabetes by making sure you don’t consume too much sugar.

Keto food delivery services

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle plan designed to maximize energy reserves in the body. When adhering to this eating plan, it’s essential to abstain from carbohydrates and instead choose nutritious foods with beneficial fats like avocadoes and salmon for maximum nutritional benefit.

Keto dieters should reduce carb intake while increasing fat-free foods that are low in sugar and salt. This includes avoiding processed and deep-fried items as well as those containing saturated/trans fats.

Your keto diet will be more enjoyable and easier to stick to with the right keto meal delivery services. These delicious recipes come with portion sizes tailored for you, plus tools for tracking calories and macronutrients.

Factor’s prepared keto meal delivery service offers a wide selection of tantalizing meals that you can order as often as desired without ever feeling guilty about not having enough food. All their dishes are crafted with quality ingredients and cooked to perfection by expert dieticians, ensuring you never go hungry again!


Keto dieters typically have two main options for dining out: meal prep or hawker food. Meal prep requires effort, but it can provide nutritious low-carb meals at around $5 per meal.

Hawker food can present a major obstacle for keto dieters, especially when trying to stay on track with their diet as many popular dishes contain carbohydrates that won’t fit within your LCHF plan. So in order to stay energized while adhering to your keto goals, it’s essential to get creative and eat smart.

Another option is dining at restaurants that provide a diverse selection of healthy, wholesome dishes to be enjoyed with friends or on your own. Popular places offering this type of selection include Plentyfull, Monti and The Living Cafe.

A salad bar that allows you to customize your bowl with protein, vegetables, grains and healthy fats like avocado is an ideal way to get in a nutritious meal without breaking the bank. Popular keto-friendly combinations include quinoa, salmon or chicken with some added almonds or walnuts for bulk up.

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