Keto Meal Plan Singapore

keto meal plan singapore

Singapore’s hawker food can be filled with carbohydrates that threaten those on a keto diet, making their experience at these outlets less-than-desirable. But don’t despair just yet if that sounds daunting: there are ways you can still enjoy some of your favourite dishes without breaking your keto plan, like substituting cauliflower for rice when ordering dishes from hawkers.

Alternative healthy meal delivery services such as Ketoomei offer delicious keto-friendly meals that can easily be heated up at home. The meals come pre-made so that they’re just ready to heat.

The Daily Cut

The Daily Cut is one of Singapore’s fastest-growing restaurants, serving delicious plant-based meals that are free from dairy, red meat, preservatives, and processed sugar. Their menu also offers an impressive variety of snacks and desserts such as their popular cupcakes.

A healthy keto diet involves cutting back on carbs while increasing consumption of healthy fats like avocados, nuts, olive oil and fatty fish to promote weight loss while simultaneously feeling satisfied and full. Furthermore, some believe this type of eating plan may also be useful in managing diabetes by helping lower blood glucose levels.

FitThree offers many popular dishes on their menu, such as char siew pork belly with cauliflower rice, Chinese stir fry, and chicken baked in Thai curry sauce. Their meals are designed by professional chefs and dieticians and their nutritional information clearly lists calories and macronutrient breakdown for each meal. You can even have it delivered directly to your home!


Ketogenic diets provide an effective means of helping individuals lose weight, control blood sugar, reduce symptoms associated with neurological conditions such as epilepsy, and improve glucose tolerance. Working closely with your doctor or dietitian is important to ensure no nutritional deficiencies arise during this transition period.

Ketomei is a meal delivery service specifically for people on the keto diet. Offering two meals each day from Monday to Saturday and delivering directly to your doorstep, this allows you to focus on other tasks while relieving some of the stress from cooking!

Tong has long advocated the keto diet to shed belly fat while living between Singapore and the US for his tech jobs with Electronic Arts and Razer Inc, believing his company can grow globally – particularly China, which boasts more dieters. To expand his business further he plans on opening a central kitchen as part of expanding operations as well as offering gourmet menu items such as slow-cooked short ribs and duck confit.

Seriously Keto

Ketogenic diets have seen growing interest in Singapore as they’ve proven their efficacy for weight loss and managing diabetic conditions. A keto-friendly restaurant called Seriously Keto strives to offer delicious yet low-cal meals designed to fit this diet plan, and offers dessert options with limited caloric intake.

Home delivery services such as FitThree and Lean Bento offer tasty keto meals to satisfy your hunger for delicious keto cuisine. Their meal plans have been developed by chefs and dieticians, and include information such as the caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown of each dish – plus you have the option of including vegetarian or vegan dishes when placing an order!

If you’re craving a low-carb meal, check out Keto Brekkie Bowl or Zoodle Beef Bolognese as some great low-carb options. Also try their refreshing Rebel Salad that offers your choice of grass-fed beef, mashed vegetables and scrambled eggs; and for something heartier try Pan-Seared Sustainable Barramundi fillet or their chicken protein bowl; each restaurant provides online ordering so your meals can arrive anytime during the day!

Keto Cafe

Though most Singapore hawker fare is carb-heavy, there are a few dishes that are keto-friendly. One such recipe from BMF’s nutritionists uses pulsed cauliflower in place of white rice for an easy dinner option.

Protein-based meals may also be an option. There are a variety of options available, such as Keto Cafe’s Garlic Butter Brazilian Steak which only requires seven ingredients and takes less than 15 minutes to make! Plus, this restaurant also provides gluten-free menu items!

No matter your weight loss or management goals, the keto diet can help. By lowering glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol, many have reported reduced prescription drug needs. If you need assistance getting started, consult a qualified Nutritionist who can tailor meal plans and food recommendations specifically to your unique requirements.

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