Keto Restaurants and Cafes in Singapore

A keto diet restricts carbs while encouraging consumption of healthy fats. Here are a few restaurants and cafes in Singapore offering delectable keto-friendly cuisine.

Afterglow stands out as one of Singapore’s premier vegan eateries with its use of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients to showcase the natural beauty of its dishes – such as its Teriyaki “Meat” Balls, Tom Yum Zoodles and Raw Crispy Lasagne made with zucchini sheets!

The Living Cafe

Clean-eating doesn’t have to mean uninspiring piles of leafy greens – these health restaurants are adding flavorful vegetarian meals in all their forms – from Korean, Peranakan, Japanese and Italian cuisine. All these places specialize in producing plant-based food with incredible depth of flavour without compromising wholesome nutrition.

The Living Cafe is an exciting and vibrant cafe that provides an extensive selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and raw dessert options, cold-pressed juices & smoothies, wheatgrass elixirs as well as coffee & tea beverages.

This welcoming cafe provides the ideal spot to relax with family and friends. Their menu boasts healthy options like sweet pumpkin pancakes, scrambled tofu with broccoli, and sourdough toast topped with homemade kaya. Their prices are fair and the food delicious; while their staff is warm, friendly, and helpful – helping make sure the appropriate items are chosen to support healthy living.


Afterglow is a health-focused restaurant offering an entirely plant-based menu made up of organic and locally sourced ingredients free from refined sugars or preservatives. Situated along Keong Siak Road in Singapore’s Central Business District, Afterglow boasts a charming ambience and features creative yet Instagrammable dishes.

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For example, she basked in the afterglow of her excellent work.

Afterglow is a vegetarian restaurant located in Singapore that serves an assortment of healthy yet delectable cuisine, including their famous raw lasagna and beetroot ravioli dishes, refreshing beverages, and daily service from 11am-10pm. Public transit makes reaching this eatery easy; using Moovit provides step-by-step directions from nearby bus stops.

Carbs for Keto

Carbs for Keto offers delicious plant-based keto meals free from dairy, red meat and refined sugar – some popular choices include Teriyaki “Meat” Balls and Tom Yum Zoodles; in addition to offering Raw Crispy Lasagne made with zucchini sheets and earthy shitake mushrooms!

Singapore’s inaugural all-keto bakery provides delicious yet healthy bread, cakes, snacks and desserts made using ingredients such as stevia and erythritol – two great sugar substitutes suitable for diabetics or LCHF dieters – along with ingredients like psyllium husks and free range eggs.

The Daily Cut

The Daily Cut offers meat lovers an alternative to salad bowls with its menu of delicious yet healthful dishes sourced directly from suppliers – your meal will taste fantastic.

The Daily Cut offers customizable menu items, allowing customers to combine bases, proteins, vegetables and toppings of their choosing to create delicious lunch or dinner options that meet health standards quickly and conveniently. Plus, their modern yet relaxing atmosphere is great for enjoying their tasty meals in comfort!

The Daily Cut in Singapore offers healthy, customized salads made of the freshest ingredients available. Customers can create their own custom combinations of protein, vegetables and complex carbs in their bowl-style meals for convenient dining on-the-go. In addition, The Daily Cut also provides beverages including craft beers and wines to choose from.

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