Keto Shop Singapore

keto shop singapore

As a keto dieter in Singapore, finding delicious low-carb bread and treats can sometimes be challenging – however thanks to some specialty bakeries offering such items it has become easier than ever!

Seriously Keto is a small bakery located on Seah Street that specializes in keto-friendly baked goods that contain few carbs and no added sugars.

The Daily Cut

The Daily Cut is a charming small restaurant that specializes in healthy and nutritious fare, including custom salad bowls. This taqueria-style eatery was founded out of founder Jonathan’s desire for healthier alternatives to fast food options.

The Daily Cut, based in Singapore, provides healthy and hearty dishes at its premier. In addition to offering mouthwatering food, the company boasts an impressive online presence through mobile apps and blogs containing news, sports, lifestyle and other updates that keep users up-to-date with current affairs – perfect for busy professionals looking for lifestyle updates on iPhone, Android and Windows devices! Plus! Best part? The website’s free mobile-friendly design means access can be gained anywhere across multiple devices simultaneously!


Monti, once an inner-city district, has since been transformed into an exciting entertainment and dining hub with fashionable bars and restaurants as well as unique artisanal stores selling handmade products and emerging designers.

Keto diets emphasize low-carb and high-fat consumption to aid weight loss, increase energy levels and stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. Singapore boasts several keto food outlets to accommodate customers looking to adopt this lifestyle.

This upmarket trattoria has gained great success for its friendly service and delicious cuisine, especially among vegetarians who can select tortini (pastry-less pies) from their wide selection. Pasta fans will find plenty of variety on the menu.


Afterglow has established itself as one of Singapore’s pioneers of plant-based lifestyle. Their modern vegan deli boasts an expansive menu free from eggs, dairy, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners – an impressive feat indeed!

The menu offers an innovative and sustainable dining experience, using root-to-stem cooking techniques with locally sourced ingredients. Their most beloved dish is the Kimchi Avo Roll made of almond sushi “rice” wrapped around avocado with house-made spicy kimchi filling.

Restaurant offers an impressive selection of small-batch beer, wine and whiskies to complement their healthy dishes. In addition, they feature a dedicated raw food kitchen as well as chefs committed to zero waste practices and sustainability efforts.


Find food suitable for a low-carb diet can be challenging in Singapore. Luckily, keto-friendly options are becoming increasingly available and should make things much simpler for you.

Seriously Keto is one such eatery, having opened as an online keto bakery mid-February selling delectable low carb, sugar-free and diabetic-friendly treats. Now, this popular brand has expanded into an in-store dining location along Seah Street.

Former Razer executive who founded this company credits its success to the rise of keto community in Singapore. “I have witnessed an exponential increase in people following keto diet as an effective means to lose weight and feel healthier,” says the founder of this venture.


Momolato is Singapore’s go-to provider for artisanal gelato. Their signature flavors have long been supplied to hotels, restaurants and cafes around town; now, however, Momolato will step into the spotlight by opening their eco-friendly gelato cafe at Haji Lane.

Hokkaido Vanilla Cream and Kochi Yuzu Shiso are classic flavors, while pioneering keto-friendly ones like Nama Chocolate and Korean Strawberry Shortcake are available. There is also an impressive range of popsicles, gelato cakes and artisanal halal creations. Their tropical themed shophouse cafe is both cozy yet spacious with hand-crafted rattan boards displaying botanical palm designs on walls reminiscent of an Asian courtyard or rustic timber sheds at the foot of stone cliffs – ideal places for dining parties with friends or family alike!

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