Keto Shop Singapore

keto shop singapore

No matter your diet preference or sugar reduction goals, there are numerous cafes and restaurants that provide delicious low-cal meals – from keto cheesecake to keto breads! You’ll find it all here!

Kekito Bakery offers delicious sweet treats without sugar or flour to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on a keto diet. In addition, they also offer savoury dishes such as garlic pretzels and rosemary loafs.

Seriously Keto

The keto diet has been growing increasingly popular among those looking to shed extra weight and increase energy. Comprised of high-fat, low-carb and protein diets that reduce hunger and cravings, keto can provide an ideal way to stay on track with their fitness journey and gain more energy. Singapore boasts several restaurants and bakeries offering keto-friendly offerings for anyone interested in making lifestyle changes for the better.

Kekito Bakery specializes in low-carb, sugar-free sweet treats made with natural sweeteners such as monk fruit extract and erythritol for an alternative sweetness. Their delicious desserts include Uji Matcha Jap Cheesecake and Signature Yuzu Jap Cheesecake among many other delicious options.

Janti Brasali was inspired to open her bakery after becoming frustrated searching for keto-friendly products. Now located at 32 Seah Street, it stands out with its brightly-colored awning and immaculate shopfront – making it easy for health-conscious individuals to meet all of their keto needs at once!

Ange Bakes Keto

Ange Bakes Keto is a Singapore-based bakery that specializes in low-carb, ketogenic-friendly food and dessert. Established by Angie Sim and Joy Mah, Ange Bakes Keto focuses on providing healthier lifestyle options with their menu that includes pizzas and burgers as well as delicious sweet treats.

Angie started the company after realizing there were few keto-friendly food options in Singapore, to meet her sweet tooth cravings while helping others on their keto journey. She decided to create her own business in order to fill this void and provide assistance as many others were doing the same thing.

She and Joy quickly expanded the business, opening a cafe at Adelphi Mall where they serve delicious organic dishes and desserts. Additionally, their website features an easy shopping cart to make ordering even simpler.


Ketomei’s founder and CEO, Constant Tong, is an unassuming 53-year-old with a soft accent who has amassed an extensive resume in tech including stints at gaming titan Electronic Arts in the US as well as Razer Inc. in Japan.

Ketomei made waves during the pandemic with their keto meal delivery service and K42 challenge to shed 42 pounds over six weeks. Their strategy yielded results, as they pulled in S$1 Million revenue during just three months this year!

This company provides delicious low-carb meals designed to support the keto diet. Their meal plans offer both Asian and Western dishes such as Salted Egg Chicken, Peruvian Beef and Texas Brisket that can be stored in airtight containers in your fridge for up to five days before they provide simple heating instructions for easy consumption in homes, gyms and offices across Australia.

Lean Bento

Lean Bento, established in 2014, is a popular halal-certified food business known for turning nutritious home recipes into delectable bento meals. Their delicious yet wholesome dishes can be ordered dine-in, takeaway or delivered throughout the island – plus there’s even high protein desserts and gourmet beverages to add an extra delicious punch.

Charles is an avid fitness buff and clean-food advocate, attributing his youthful appearance to eating healthily; in particular, a balanced diet. While carbs should generally be limited, Charles occasionally uses them sparingly; substituting them with healthier options like konjac yam “shirataki” noodles or multigrain high fibre sushi rice as healthier replacements.

Meal plans designed by Meals on Wheels are created to be nutritious, appetising, and low-cal. Each meal plan comes complete with vital food stats like the number of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and more – plus vegan-friendliness! Furthermore, they’re regularly revised based on consumer needs or seasonal influences to meet changing preferences and meet consumer expectations.

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