Low Calorie Food in Singapore

low calorie food singapore

Singapore’s food courts offer delicious yet calorically dense meals, easily exceeding your 500-Calorie threshold with one plate of fried kway teow complete with cockles and bits of crunchy lard – no problem!

There are also plenty of healthy, low-cal hawker dishes to choose from. Here are a few:

Shake Farm

Shake Farm offers delicious and quick lunch solutions at reasonable prices – make-your-own bowls filled with high-quality ingredients such as meat, plant-based options and plenty of greens are a favorite among its patrons. Additionally, prices are affordable while portions sizes are generously provided!

Telok Ayer offers this healthy cafe that offers delicious and low-cal dishes, such as breakfast bowls, protein shakes and smoothie bowls for breakfast; lunch options such as Coriander Yogurt Grilled Salmon Rice and Teriyaki Chicken Quinoa make their lunch menu particularly tempting.

The cafe also provides takeaway and catering services for office lunches, events and parties – their menu offers bento boxes, office packages and shared platters that cater for office lunches or events. Their meals use organic ingredients that are sure to please.


A kopitiam is a cafe that provides food and beverages such as coffee, tea and fizzy beverages to its patrons, offering food such as kaya toast, noodles and satay to satisfy local appetites and relax socially in an engaging setting.

Originally brought into Southeast Asia by Chinese immigrants, kopitiam is a type of coffee shop offering dishes such as eggs, toast and satay. Popular in Singapore and Malaysia where its first kopitiams opened for business; some even sell traditional Baba-Nyonya sweets such as sticky bright red Tortoise Cake with bean paste filling or other layers cakes made with pandan leaves and coconut milk as specialty offerings.

Over time, enterprising kopitiam towkays (owners) began leasing out space for hawker stalls to rent within their establishments, thus expanding the food selection available at their kopitiam to include noodles, fried dishes and braised meats – it is common to see Indian roti prata stalls alongside Malay mee rebus and Indonesian nasi lemak alongside Chinese ones inside one kopitiam.


Alexis Bauduin, who made it to the final three of AXN’s The Apprentice Asia in 2013, established YOLO to change people’s perception that healthy food is boring and costly, as well as help them achieve their health goals and avoid diet-related diseases. It features a casual outlet located at the heart of the CBD with contemporary design featuring pop art elements. Customers can select meals such as chicken shawarma and meatballs whole meal pasta to get started.

The menu offers detailed calorie counts for every dish and meals can be tailored to meet specific dietary requirements. Popular selections include curry chicken with brown rice, kung pao chicken and teriyaki salmon as signature dishes.

YOLO offers healthy burgers and trio salads that are low in calories. Meals are available both at their outlets as well as online delivery services, and all Halal certification. Customers can also purchase meal plans which cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

LiHO Tea

LiHO was launched in Singapore as a homegrown bubble tea brand in 2009. Replacing Gong Cha outlets, this delicious drink features classic tea varieties as well as cheese foam topped drinks on its menu. Now expanding to Malaysia as well, the brand is already well established there.

Recently, the company announced that they will introduce a drink series featuring avocados which are high in vitamins and minerals. This new drink series will be made available across Malaysian outlets.

LiHO seeks to prove that bubble tea can be healthy by using natural sweeteners like stevia as sweeteners. Stevia is an herbaceous plant with potential health benefits and it is 200-300 times sweeter than table sugar, providing another viable option in healthy sweeteners.

LiHO TEA outlets throughout Malaysia now offer their new Avo Delight Series, featuring delicious Golden Avocado with the sweet notes of Gula Melaka. Meanwhile, Brown Sugar Pearl Avocado delights boba fans by providing three layers of tantalizing bites: avocado-scented fresh milk and irresistibly chewy brown sugar pearls!

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