Low Calorie Food in Singapore

low calorie food singapore

People living in Singapore tend to eat out frequently. Unfortunately, eating out can become unhealthy if not chosen carefully.

To address this problem, the Health Promotion Board has introduced healthier food options at hawker centers. Their strategy involves altering ingredients and cooking methods to produce more nutritive dishes.

Chinese Herbal Tonic Soup

Chinese Herbal Tonic Soup is one of the most beloved soups in Singapore and an excellent way to nourish both body and mind. As an immunity-booster and fight cold/flu symptoms, as well as aid digestion. It has long been touted as one of the top ways to boost wellbeing.

It contains herbs like ginseng, astragalus and Dang Shen Codonopsis that strengthen your Qi flow while soothing your Shen (mind and spirit) to reduce sleep disorders and stress.

Chinese herbal soups traditionally include ingredients that correspond with specific organs in the body, for instance walnuts can help the brain, cashews benefit kidney health, while goji berries and dried Chinese yams may enhance eyesight.

Stir-Fried Beef

Stir-Fried Beef, a favorite Singapore dish, is an easy, tasty, low calorie and protein-rich way to keep good health at the forefront. Packed with iron, fiber and essential vitamins that support lifelong wellbeing.

Chinese restaurant beef stir-fries can often be overwhelmed with too much salty and sweet sauce; but this alternative uses a lighter soy and oyster sauce slurry that has significantly fewer calories. Plus, crunchy vegetables add texture while rounding out its flavors!

For succulent beef, the key lies in selecting cuts sliced across the grain (such as flank steak or skirt steak) and quickly searing it in a hot pan, to ensure complete cooking without drying out of the meat. This ensures it remains juicy.

Spaghetti Carbonara

No matter if it’s covered with tomato sauce or drizzled with olive oil and parmesan cheese, spaghetti is a low calorie food that can help boost energy. That’s because its carbohydrates form the building blocks for energy in your body.

Fiber helps regulate bowel movements and avoid constipation, and is also an essential source of vitamin B1 (thiamine) and iron, both essential nutrients for your health.

However, carbonara can be quite calorific when prepared using ingredients such as lard or bacon fat, cheese and eggs in large quantities. Therefore, if you’re trying to cut back on calories, try creating it with less of these ingredients.

Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast, or Kaya Bagel in Malaysian English, is a delicious traditional Malaysian and Singaporean breakfast that typically features two slices of bread filled with coconut jam, often served with butter, coffee and two semi-boiled eggs as an accompaniment.

Hainanese immigrants working on British ships docked at ports during the Straits Settlements period may have introduced this recipe and altered it to meet local tastes; replacing fruit marmalades with homemade coconut spread.

Kaya is a delicious dessert made of egg yolks, coconut milk and sugar cooked over low heat until they achieve pudding-like consistency. It is often served alongside other dishes like fried banana fritters as an accompanying condiment.

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is an extremely popular drink in Singapore. Many enjoy its convenience and variety of delicious flavors available.

Calcium-rich beverages like coconut water provide essential bone nutrition. Furthermore, its reduced-sugar composition makes it suitable for those looking to cut back on calorie consumption and calories overall.

Additionally, it helps stimulate digestion and decrease constipation and diarrhea risk, while aiding weight loss and improving your mood overall.

Though Singapore boasts many bubble tea places, there are certain shops that truly stand out. These stores provide only premium consistency and freshest tea leaves to their customers for enjoyment.

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