Low Calorie Meals From Singapore

low calorie meals singapore

Need an indulgent and delicious meal but don’t have time to prepare it at home? Check out these food delivery services that deliver tasty yet nutritious dishes directly to your door.

Beef in this dish provides a great source of protein, helping build and maintain muscles. Plus, it makes an ideal replacement for sweet and sour pork which tends to be high in fat content.

1. Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast is an iconic Singaporean breakfast dish. Made of pandan-flavored coconut jam spread generously onto lightly toasted bread slices and finished off with a pat of butter, it makes an excellent way to start your day and pair it with coffee for an all-in-one breakfast solution!

Some prefer sweeter breakfast choices, and this dish perfectly bridges that sweet-savory divide. Kaya toast is an affordable yet fulfilling breakfast choice you can find at many hawker centers.

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery in Katong offers delicious slices, featuring their green pandan leaf-tinted kaya. Their caramelized brown sugar creates an irresistibly indulgent treat! For something truly irresistible, visit their long-running Chin Mee Chin Confectionery to try their caramelized brown sugar caramelized Hainanese-style kaya!

2. Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea (sometimes known as Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Nai Cha, Foam Tea or Momi Cha) has become immensely popular across Asia since the 80s. Made using a tea base flavored and sweetened with flavors and sweeteners before being topped off with tapioca pearls or other toppings.

While its name might suggest otherwise, most bubble teas contain less than 400 calories per serving and contain only minimal levels of added sugar and saturated fats.

Reduce the calorie count of your bubble tea by opting for plant-based milks such as almond, soy or oats that tend to contain less calories than full dairy options.

3. Beef Noodles

At hawker centers, this delicious light and comforting dish consists of fish slices, wonton dumplings, char siew (barbecued pork) and rice noodles. When ordering this meal, opt for lean char siew with minimal oil to limit calories.

This popular local breakfast can be high in sodium and saturated fat due to the combination of prata dough, sugar and curries served alongside it. Instead, opt for chapati, dosa (thosai) made with wholemeal flour and dhal – while leaving off coconut chutney altogether if possible! It would also help if steamed chicken could be included – for best results try it.

4. Vegetable Stuffed Fish Paste

An easy low calorie, protein, fibre and iron packed dish. Perfect for vegetarians looking to reduce carb intake. Simply prepare vegetables (aubergine/eggplant, chillies, okra/ladies finger/okra remoulded ladies finger, capsicum/paprika pepper/paprika chillies capsicum/paprika capsicum bittergourd courgette etc) or fried tofu puffs/taufoo pok and stuff them with fish paste before lightly dusting cornflour before making slits to stuff fish paste inside. Serve warm.

Refrigerate for 2-3 days, serving with sesame oil and soy sauce drizzles. Makes about 6-8 pieces suitable for two people.

5. Roast Duck

Roast Duck is an Asian classic and makes an irresistibly delectable lunch or breakfast choice. Pair it with Napa cabbage or winter melon soup for the full experience! Roast Duck also makes an irresistibly satisfying brunch option.

To create the marinade, dissolve maltose in water and combine it with red food coloring, paprika and vinegar. Rub this mixture over both sides of your duck’s body before stuffing its cavity with orange quarters, whole head of garlic (top trimmed), celery strips and any orange slices you have available.

Bake until golden-brown in color and an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thigh registers at least 155 degrees Fahrenheit, approximately one hour and fifteen minutes later, allow to rest before carving and serving.

6. Stir-Fried Beef with Ginger

Instead of binging on 745-Calorie plates of fried kway teow with cockles and crunchy lard, try this tantalizing stir fry made with tender strips of beef steak in a sweet ginger sauce for a more diet-friendly takeout meal! It makes an enjoyable Chinese dish which also helps you maintain weight control!

Young ginger will give your meal an intensely tart, spicy yet mildly aromatic experience, boasting smooth papery skin while mature ginger has more fibrous characteristics and brownish hues.

Making this fast and effortless dish involves coating beef slices in a corn starch slurry to reduce frying time and maximize flavor absorption from your stir fry sauce.

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