Low Calorie Meals in Singapore

low calorie meals singapore

Eating out at hawker centres and food courts is part of Singaporeans’ way of life – nearly 60% eat out at least four times each week!

Be mindful when dining out of your calorie consumption to help maintain a healthy weight and lower the risks of obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.

The Daily Cut

For delicious yet healthy, easily digestible meals that won’t leave you bored or bland, look no further than The Daily Cut (TDC). This Singaporean eatery prides itself on providing an array of delectable meats, fresh greens and nutritious grains – ideal for an active lifestyle!

TDC, or The Daily Cut as its fans call it, offers an assortment of salad bowls, protein bowls, grain bowls and wraps that will satisfy your diet without compromising it. Their dishes feature nutritious ingredients such as grass-fed steak and organic chicken breast to give your nutrition the maximum value it deserves.

They offer an impressive variety of both sweet and savoury breakfast items, perfect for date night or post workout meals. Additionally, they stock natural and organic products which are traceable and free from chemicals and hormones so you know they’re providing nourishment to both body and mind.


Yolo offers delicious yet nourishing low calorie meals perfect for weight loss or eating healthier, founded by health and fitness enthusiast Alexis Bauduin who placed third on The Apprentice Asia with Tony Fernandes in 2013. Yolo serves healthy yet delicious low calorie options at its locations around Los Angeles.

With a selection of proteins, sides and toppings that meet your target calorie intake goal, creating a meal with ease can help you meet the results you have been working towards.

YOLO’s menus have been carefully created by a nutritionist to ensure you are eating nutritious food at an appropriate calorie intake level. With their expertise, they’ve recreated some of your favourite hawker dishes into healthier options that won’t let you down.

Your meal from The Basil Minced Chicken with Brown Rice & Egg has only 580 Calories!


Dosirak has transformed traditional Korean lunch boxes into something truly modern. Their menu offers low calorie foods that include carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables to provide a nutritionally complete meal.

Food served here is a combination of family recipes and sous vide techniques, and free from MSG. All dishes are Halal certified and offer options suitable for vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians alike.

Dosirak was conceptualized by Chinese-Korean Edward Chia who sought to offer healthy Korean fast-food without the hassle. Consulting a certified nutritionist led him to use sous vide technology for cooking lean meat and vegetables without losing flavor – thus creating Dosirak!

Dosirak boasts several locations across Toronto, such as 313@Somerset and Downtown Gallery. Their signature dish is their bibimbap; served in tubs so customers can shake it to combine all ingredients before enjoying their delicious treat!


Stuff’d is a Mexican-Turkish takeaway chain offering delicious kebabs, burritos, daily bowls, tacos and quesadillas that feature nutritious ingredients such as cilantro rice, cous cous and black beans. There is also an assortment of sauces and toppings to choose from on its menu.

Stuffed kebabs are a crowd pleaser at this restaurant, and also make for an effective calorie burner. Wrapped in a tortilla and filled with beef, chicken or Impossible meat before being drizzled in one or more sauces such as guacamole for extra flavour!

The Stuffed Kebab is their smallest option on their menu and measures in at just over two inches across, making it the perfect size to share among friends or colleagues for an ideal light lunch option.

As much as Singaporeans enjoy dining out at hawker centers and fast food joints, local ethnic cuisine remains their preferred dietary standard. Eating a range of food choices with guidance from a health coach and maintaining a balanced diet can help combat obesity-related diseases like diabetes.

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