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Low carb foods have become a rage lately, with people finding ways to add more fat and sugar into their diets. Not only are people discovering that low carb foods are delicious and will help you stay hydrated, but it is also a great way to limit your exposure to sugar and fat.

The term low carb has been used in many ways. Some people use it as a label for any food that is higher in fat but lower in carbs, such as vegetables instead of bread. Other people use it as the standard by which foods are low carb.

This can be useful when planning new keto diets or staying on a diet if you have lost weight previously. You can have one set of criteria for recipes and someone else for standards for eating!

There are many places where you can find low carb food in Singapore, making it an ideal testing ground for these recipes.


low carb food singapore

While not a carbohydrate, fish is an important source of Omega 3s. This is one food that you should always be aware of your servings.

The average person can get enough DHA from their greens, but can only get enough from salmon and other fresh fish. The latter are usually farmed or even purchased from a vendor in a fish market or seafood store.

Most types of fish are good for you in small amounts. Most people cannot digest the ocean full of chemicals and pollutants it contains. But even those who can’t eat it are still glad to find out it’s good for you.


low carb food singapore

What is an egg? Where can you find eggs? How much can you eat of them?

Eggs are a classic keto food. They can be hard to find, but we have found some vendors across Singapore that sell them on their premises. Most of these vendors are located in shopping malls and markets, making it easy to find every occasion.

The taste of an egg is pretty subjective so if you do not like the taste of an egg, you can avoid this food. Many people say that the yolks give this food its flavour so if you eliminate the yolk, then things would become even more low-carb!

Unlike with other meats, there is actually a limit to how many eggs you can eat per day. The average person who is following a ketogenic diet can have about 6–8 eggs per day! This is due to the fact that we need about 2–4 tablespoons (60–120 ml) of egg for our B12 and Ca transport proteins to work properly.


low carb food singapore

While most people are familiar with green vegetables like broccoli and leafy greens, there are many other ways to enjoy them. Many people enjoy fresh, vibrant vegetables and cooking with them is an easy way to get some greens in your diet.

Most vegetables contain some kind of potassium so you can easily grab a few leaves to eat. Potassium is an important nutrient that plays a role in health, including diet, except for low potassium women.

Potassium is critical for your body’s function as it helps your muscles function properly, regulates blood pressure and structure for blood flow, and helps maintain the shape of your bones and cartilage.

Unlike keto diets, where greens are the main component, on a low carb food diet they make up only a small part of the meal. This is intentional as eating too much green food will not help us gain or lose weight!

While it may seem intimidating to pick up the farming tool again, it is very rewarding to use them in today’s competitive market place.


low carb food singapore

mushrooms are an essential part of any low carb diet. They can be eaten in their whole form or as a suitably small mushroom “portion”.

Mushrooms contain several minerals such as zinc, potassium and magnesium. This makes it helpful in lowering blood pressure and keeping the body hydrated.

Potential dangers include food poisoning and over-consumption, which can cause weight gain, diabetes and heart problems.

Despite this, most people on a keto diet don’t eat much mushrooms. So how much should you eat? Answer: about ten!

That’s because mushrooms contain high amounts of ginseng which makes you feel moreEpigalluline – which is what causes us to feel awake, alert and enthusiastic about eating them. It also has an antiviral property which may help prevent over-consumption of other foods on keto dieting.


low carb food singapore

Not only is there a LOT of olive products in Singapore, there are also MANY brands offering low-carb olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Most of these brands are mass produced and sold everywhere, making it easy to find them in supermarkets as well as speciality food stores.

Many companies use garlic as the base for their olive oil, which makes a noticeable flavor difference. As for the vinegar, most suppliers use rice vinegar instead, which is fine but still offers some carbs.

You can still get some nice choices with these foods – for example, you can buy a Italian-style fresh mozzarella that has been drained of its liquid and topped with pesto or avocados instead of tomatoes.


low carb food singapore

As it is a common food, most people have it in Singapore. Most popularly, though, is keto diet cheese. There are many kinds of keto diet cheese and they are all quite different. Some are grilled, some are melts, and some are cold cut style.

Keto diet cheese is usually made of cream mozzarella with a higher fat content and less carbohydrate content. Many people on the keto diet love to have this with their meals as it provides a little bit of protein and fat in one package.

Melt cheese usually has less fat content compared to cream mozzarella due to the melting process needed to create the creamy texture that you want with your dish. Many people on the keto diet enjoy having some melted cheese on their dishes as it provides some help with processing what you are eating.

Sour cream

low carb food singapore

Most people know sour cream is a good source of protein, but they may not know that it is also very low in carbs. As sour cream can be hard to find, we have created Low Carb Food Singapore to help you find it in stores and online.

There are many brands that sell sour cream on the market, so it is not easy to determine if it is low carb or not. Many brands use an almond milk instead of real milk as a substitute, which may help lower your carbs.

Sour cream can come in various sizes and packages, making it hard to gauge its net carbs. Some packages have as much as 5 grams of carbohydrate per package! That is almost half a cup (½ cup/100 grams) of carbohydrate!

Therefore, it is important to check the label to see if the amount of carbohydrates in the package has been lowered or downsized.

Tzatziki sauce

low carb food singapore

tziki sauce is a staple condiment for many Greek dishes. It’s a creamy, mayo-like sauce that goes well with lettuce and other vegetables.

Tziki sauce is always found in the condiment section of most supermarkets, and often has the word tzatziki, which means yogurt sauce, next to it. It is usually sold with six-to-eight tablespoon serving sizes, making it very affordable.

While not very altered in composition, tziki sauce contains several important minerals such as magnesium, iron, and zinc. Magnesium helps regulate your body’s metabolism and sleep patterns, and iron and zinc help you maintain your immune system and blood cells.

In fact, one study found that people who consumed less magnesium had a significantly higher risk of heart disease than people who did not have low magnesium levels in their bones.

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