Low GI Food Singapore

low gi food singapore

With Singaporeans living with diabetes at such an alarmingly high rate, the Ministry of Health has initiated an offensive to combat it. One recommendation includes eating foods with low glycaemic index (GI).

Studies have demonstrated that non-Western diets tend to be high in carbohydrates. Consumption of low glycemic index meals has been found to significantly enhance 24-hour blood glucose profiles and decrease postprandial spikes while simultaneously increasing fat oxidation and improving fat oxidation rates.

Lo Mai Gai

Lo mai gai is a delicious steamed sticky rice dish featuring chicken, mushrooms and sausage encased in lotus leaves that is widely popular at dim sum restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia.

Homemade lo mai gai is relatively easy and can be prepared right in your own kitchen. A bit of planning ahead, including soaking glutinous rice overnight and pre-cooking fillings before wrapping them is all it takes – the result being something that smells and tastes just like dim sum restaurant fare.

Lo mai gai’s star attraction lies in its irresistibly delicious combination of Chinese sausage, mushrooms and rice. The texture of Chinese sausage contrasts nicely with soft and sticky rice; sweet umami of dried shiitake mushrooms contrast with its saltiness; combined with both sides combining for an irresistibly flavorful bite! However, unlike its bamboo-leafed predecessor, lo mai gai uses lotus leaves as its means of steaming instead – creating an unparalleled dining experience!

Mee Siam

Mee Siam is an aromatic, spicy and tasty street-side meal in Malaysia and Singapore that’s particularly beloved among hawkers. Made of stir-fried vermicelli rice noodles topped with various add-ins like shrimp, tofu puff and omelet, this versatile dish can be prepared either dry or wet depending on preference.

Overcooking rice vermicelli noodles is essential, or else they will become sticky and starchy. To accommodate for those with sensitive palates, I advise taking steps such as removing chili seeds and decreasing its use. This recipe uses store-bought yellow bean paste; however, you could easily swap in hotter variations like black bean sauce (black bean will give a greater heat kick), hoisin sauce or even tomato-based sauce instead.

This Mee Siam dish is vegan and gluten-free; it doesn’t include eggs, chicken, pork or excessive sugars. If you have allergies to nuts such as peanuts, try swapping out peanuts with cashews or sunflower seeds instead for an easier and faster one-pan dinner solution!

Mee Goreng

Mee goreng (or mei goreng), typically enjoyed in Malaysia and Indonesia from roadside food stalls, is an aromatic stir-fried noodle dish known for its unique combination of salty, sweet, and spicy tastes. Not only is mee goreng tasty but it is an economical meal that can be eaten any time during the day!

Yellow wheat noodles (sometimes referred to as “chow mein noodles in some countries) are often used to prepare Mee Goreng. You can purchase fresh or dry noodles at Asian grocery stores, with other ingredients including garlic, onion or shallots, fried prawns, chicken pieces, beef slices or slices bakso (meatballs), Kecap Manis Tamarind Juice Soy Sauce Chili Powder Sesame Oil being additional components of this tasty meal.

Mee goreng should include fresh prawns, vegetables such as cabbage and bean sprouts, signature egg ribbons (rolled thin omelette into strips before stirring) and signature sauces that contain high levels of salt such as soy sauce or soy sauce based sauces; alternatively reduce processed meats and sausages which contain more sodium content.

Kueh Bahulu

Kueh bahulu can add an exciting and unusual flavor to any meal – be it breakfast or an afternoon snack. As its light texture makes it suitable for those with digestive issues as well as those looking for low carb alternatives.

Egg cake is a traditional celebration dessert and its texture resembles madeleines. You only require eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder and flour to create one!

House Of Gandos in Geylang Serai is famous for their delicious nasi padang but they also specialize in other delicious sweet kuehs such as their namesake gandos and nagasari jagung (corn pudding). Visit them if you want a taste of authentic Malay and Indonesian dishes!

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