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Low-GI food is an inclusive term that refers to foods with a low glycemic index. As the word implies, this term describes foods with a lower sugar, fat and carbohydrate content compared to standard foods.

Most people today are conscious of how their diet tends to be high in sugar and fat, but skinny down to only a tiny fraction of that? That’s difficult!

You can find many low-GI foods in today’s market, and they’re becoming more prevalent as we learn about what effects our bodies need from our diets.

They can be found in trendy eating styles such as paleo, SCD, Intuitivenaegy (Qi) and AAD, among others. Each of these has its own set of conditions when it comes to eating habits.

Examples of low gi foods

low gi food singapore

There are so many low gi foods that you will never run out of things to eat. There are even dedicated low gi food menus in restaurants and convenience stores!

Many restaurants offer an affordable low gi food menu where you can try some of their products before you pay for the full gi menu. Some of these products even have promotions every month or year, so it is always a good investment to get.

In contrast, convenience stores usually have a low gi food category, and they may or may not have a promotion where you can purchase a full gi at no cost.

Low gi diets

low gi food singapore

There are several low gi diets available, and they all claim their diet to be low GI. The two most prevalent are the keto diet and the Paleo diet. The keto diet is promoted as a weight loss plan, while the paleo diet is considered more healthful by many.

The Paleo Diet is based on studies of early human adapted diets and how this has influenced modern diets. While the keto diet is not as widespread as the other two, it does remain popular.

Most people who follow a keto diet do so for health reasons, rather than weight loss. For example, you may lose weight but gain health problems like diabetes or heart disease, or no fat but with lots of carbs. These can be issues for health or metabolic function, not weight.

Whatever your reason for eating a paleo or ketogenic diet, it can have an impact on your blood sugar and metabolism.

Who should eat a low gi diet?

low gi food singapore

The answer is anyone with a health issue or condition that warrants the use of a low gi diet.

Someone with a physical condition such as arthritis or someone with a mental health issue may need the use of a low gi diet for weight loss or in order to improve their health.

A person who is currently on a ketogenic diet may wish to lower their calorie intake to reduce their blood ketone levels. A low gi diet can be helpful in improving overall health and wellness such as in managing diabetes, metabolic disorders, immune function and more.

In fact, there has been studies that show that people who eat only from the middle to end of the food spectrum are more likely to have certain syndromes like ketoacidemia and Cacalaria disease respectively. These disorders involve damage to the body’s organs that cause abnormal fat storage and metabolism issues.

Can anyone with diabetes eat a low gi diet?

low gi food singapore

If you have diabetes, you should know that the gi diet is not recommended for people with diabetes. The reason is that on high protein diets, there can be too much of a certain compound in the body called glycosylated hemoglobin.

Glycohemoglobin is a special type of blood sugar molecule that’s found in the blood. It’s called an “albumin-bound” hemoglobin because it’s made of protein and glucose (blood sugar).

On average, people with type 1 diabetes have about 5% of their total hemoglobin in a state-approved level of 7%. But for people with type 2 diabetes, it can be as much as 20%.

That extra 20% can cause problems when you’re on a diet — because it makes it harder for your body to regulate its blood glucose levels properly.

As an added bonus, people with type 1 diabetes who are on the gi diet can end up eating too many carbs, which may also contribute to metabolic problems.

What are the consequences of a high gi diet?

There are two main consequences to a high gi diet: health and weight loss.

Healthy fat is the cornerstone of a low gi diet. You can figure out what foods contain healthy fats and how much you need with the help of your Gi. So, instead of spending money on fancy snacks, you can instead spend your money on Gi practice or food items that contain healthy fat such as cashews or peanut butter.

The other reason why a low gi diet is important is for weight loss. While a person on a high Gi diet might lose weight more quickly, health-wise it can be more harmful. A person on a high Gi diet may experience health problems such as chronic pain, fatigue, mood changes, and overall poor quality of life (See More).

What are the consequences of a low gi diet?

low gi food singapore

There are two main consequences of a low gi diet: weight loss and health risk. Weight loss is definitely the most obvious consequence as your body will be in a different environment.

The second effect is related to health. Gi diets can be dangerous because of the sodium intake. When you do not eat enough fat, your body has to consume more salt to make its needs met.

A gi diet can also result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as certain nutritional deficits. A low-gi diet may also affect your metabolism, which can have negative effects on health such as weight loss and calcium absorption.

How to start a low gi diet

low gi food singapore

There are two ways to start a low gi diet. You can either follow a traditional gi diet, or you can start as low as possible. Either way, it is important to stick to the plan for at least a week to see results.

The first way to start a low gi diet is to follow the steps listed in the introduction. These include becoming aware of your dietary needs, learning how to create your healthy eating plan, and preparing your body for the effects of the diet.

This includes becoming aware of your dietary needs, learning how to create your healthy eating plan, and preparing your body for the effects of the diet. The second way is to become aware of what foods are best for you and eat only those. This includes becoming aware of how much each food should be eaten and only eating that amount.

Learn about the different types of carbohydrates and their effect on blood sugar levels

low gi food singapore

There are three main types of carbohydrate: simple, complex, and complex-compound. All three types contain sugar or starch, but some than one type contains more of it than another.

Complex carbs are difficult to digest and process. This means when you eat a lot of them, your body has to work harder to use them for energy. As a result, your blood sugar levels may be lower for an hour or two after eating a bowl of pasta or a serving of bread with jam.

This is why it is important to pay attention to how much bread you eat and how much water you drink while eating it. Too much carbohydrate can put off the body from using it properly.

Learn about the different parts of the body that receive energy from carbohydrates so you can keep those areas healthy.

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