Meal Plan Singapore – 5 Start-Ups That Deliver Healthy Meals to Your Doorstep

meal plan singapore

Recent nutrition surveys conducted in Singapore demonstrated that residents are eating more fruits and vegetables while decreasing sugar and salt consumption; however, there remains an unhealthful diet among a substantial portion of their population.

Yummy Bros offers a meal prep service that delivers healthy meals directly to customers’ doorsteps. Their menu features healthy versions of traditional Malaysian cuisine such as nasi lemak and beef rendang from local restaurants, in addition to vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen delivers freshly prepared chef-cooked meals right to your door, saving time, money, and effort. Their meals are designed by body composition experts to help you reach your health goals while adding flavor back into healthy eating with local ingredients and delicious foods sourced from all around.

Three meals are delivered each day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simply heat them up and enjoy! Plus you can customize your plan based on how much carbs or protein is included in each meal!

Nutrition Kitchen utilizes SleekFlow to streamline their customer communication and workflow processes, which has enabled them to expand their reach and build brand loyalty with customers across more regions worldwide. SleekFlow has become an integral component of their sophisticated communication strategy that has increased sales in multiple markets around the globe resulting in expansion.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is a start-up company established in 2018, providing meal preparation delivery services to health-minded consumers and fitness enthusiasts. Their menu features Asian dishes made healthy while still remaining pocket-friendly and delicious!

Each meal features specific nutrition information to enable those who track their macros to track them accurately. In addition to meals, they also offer add-ons such as protein powders and energy drinks that can all be found online at their website.

All their meals are freshly made and blast-chilled to preserve flavor, texture, and nutrition. Food arrives conveniently packaged in a freezer bag that can be kept fresh in your fridge chiller for up to one week – or indefinitely stored in the freezer!


Grain offers flexible meal plans tailored to the schedules and nutritional requirements of individuals, couples, and families alike. You have the option to consult a dietician. Their meals feature an optimal mix of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats from around the world with distinct culinary flavours to choose from.

Their meal packages include two meals daily, snacks, and beverages. You have a wide variety of selections such as Kerala curried chicken with butterfly pea rice to slow-cooked mutton masala with Basil thunder tea rice; vegetarian or light options can also be selected on a weekly basis.

Clean eating meal plan delivery services like CleanEating are an easy and nutritious way to enjoy popular hawker fare without compromising nutrition or convenience. Meals arrive pre-cooked and vacuum packed for quick heating time of three minutes! Furthermore, sustainable sugarcane packaging makes these halal meals eco-friendly while SecondMeal collaborates to provide meals to less fortunate Singaporeans.


AMGD (which stands for Ahhmahgawd) stands out from other meal delivery services in that they actually create the meals in-house using their own kitchens, creating an extensive menu curated by chefs and dieticians – as well as offering pay-per-use credit systems that make its services much more cost effective and accessible.

Menu selection here is carefully prepared by top chefs using only top-quality ingredients and they are Halal certified, free from MSG, preservatives, and sugars. Their a la carte menu boasts incredible diversity – every week offers something new!

This gym-focused company caters to fitness enthusiasts looking to eat healthier without the burden of cooking for themselves. Users can order online and select three or five-day plans delivered to designated pickup spots; their meals are even approved by a dietician to ensure proper calorie and nutrient consumption; they even offer special meals specifically designed to support cancer patients!

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