Optifast Singapore

OPTIFAST Singapore is a nutritionally-driven diet designed to aid weight loss. With its low calorie content, OPTIFAST singapore can provide significant weight loss without compromising on nutrition.

Optifast offers a range of products to make eating healthier easier, such as Shakes, Bars and Soups.

Optifast Shakes

Optifast Shakes are an ideal way to shed pounds and maintain your success. Not only are they convenient to make, but their high-quality protein content helps suppress hunger cravings too!

They come in a range of flavors and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, they’re low in calories and packed full of essential nutrients.

Optifast Shakes are high in protein and can help preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss, making them a great option for anyone looking to shed some pounds, including those with diabetes.

Optifast is a meal replacement diet designed to help people lose weight and maintain their results after completion of the program. They adhere to an extremely low calorie intake of no more than 800 calories daily.

Optifast Bars

Optifast bars are the ideal way to get your daily dose of protein without worrying about calories. Plus, they’re an excellent way to ensure you get your daily fiber intake too!

They can also help to maintain weight control since they provide a nutritious source of low-calorie calories and essential vitamins and minerals. Optifast Bars make for an enjoyable, tasty, and convenient meal replacement that won’t derail your weight loss efforts.

These products are essential for any health-conscious individual looking to shed some pounds. In Singapore, desertcart – a reliable online shopping platform that has been operating since 2014 – stocks these Optifast Bars with its wide selection of weight loss items that are sure to please even the pickiest customer. Using advanced technology and software systems, customers are guaranteed a secure and convenient online shopping experience.

Optifast Soups

Soups are an ideal way to fill up and satisfy your appetite. They can be utilized during any phase of your Optifast weight loss journey, as they’re high in protein and provide 28 essential vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, they contain high amounts of fiber and low calories – perfect for weight loss or maintaining a healthy diet. Furthermore, there is no added sugar present, plus they provide plenty of calcium and vitamin D.

Utilizing Optifast Soups is a breeze; simply add one sachet to 200ml of water and stir until fully dissolved. You have the option of heating the soup over the stove top or microwaving for several minutes.

Optifast is a VLCD (very low calorie diet) program used for those needing to shed significant weight before having gastric surgery. With over four decades of success behind it, this effective plan should not be underestimated; however, a thorough health screening should be done prior to starting the program in order to guarantee its safety for you.

Optifast Desserts

Optifast has been a staple in Singaporean health and fitness circles for more than a decade, boasting its popular shakes as well as various high-end supplements like vitamins or protein powders. In a sea of trendy health and fitness brands, Optifast stands out for its promises. Whether you want to shed pounds or retrain your body for an exciting life, Optifast has the perfect solution. Optifast offers the perfect balance of health and fitness to fit into your busy lifestyle. Eating healthily and exercising regularly to maintain weight is a proven way to enhance quality of life – and with Optifast, you don’t even need to leave home to find one of their stores!

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