Prepped Meals Singapore

prepped meals singapore

Singapore’s food industry is transitioning away from traditional cuisine towards convenient ready meals due to the busy lifestyle and growing demand for convenience products.

Singaporean meal prep companies are now providing healthy and balanced meals delivered right to your door! Choose from omnivore, low carb, or vegetarian dishes for delivery.

Plant-based food trend

Plant-based food has seen a meteoric rise in popularity among consumers, particularly young people. This shift can be attributed to various factors such as an increasing awareness of healthy living and an urge for more sustainable diets.

Ready-to-eat or frozen meals offer a convenient way to get healthy meals on the table without having to cook. They’re especially ideal for those with limited time and who wish to transition onto a plant-based diet.

These pre-prepared meals are typically prepared by local chefs and delivered right to your door. They even provide options that meet vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dietary requirements.

Plant-based meats – which mimic burgers, ground meat, deli slices, sausages, chicken nuggets or seafood in texture, taste, look and smell – are an important component of this market. Companies such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat dominate this space but there are many others out there as well.


Prepped meals are an efficient way to save time while cooking nutritious, delicious food. With comprehensive instructions and ingredients delivered directly to your door, preparing these meals is a breeze.

These meals have been linked to weight loss and improved long-term health, making them a great way to try new foods without breaking the bank.

Singapore’s ready meals market is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity due to consumers’ hectic lifestyles and the convenience of fitting these dishes into their meal plans. Therefore, this segment is expected to see significant growth over the forecast period.

Millennials and Gen Z are driving this industry with their growing desire for healthy, convenient foods that can be prepared quickly. As a result, kits are now being created with explicit health benefits in mind.


Prepped meals Singapore are an efficient and delicious way to save time, money and energy! No matter if you’re trying to shed pounds or build muscle, meal prep can help you stay on track with your health objectives.

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Making healthy food choices can go a long way toward reaching your wellness goals. Eating well not only helps prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, but it can also improve mental wellbeing too, reduce stress levels, promote better sleep quality and even enhance performance at work. But all this won’t happen overnight and it may be difficult to incorporate healthy eating into both your day job and social life at once.

The good news is that Singapore has an increasing selection of health-conscious food delivery services to suit all budgets and tastes. We’ve rounded up 13 top picks.

Nutrify Prep offers some of the healthiest meal prep options, with vacuum-packed ingredients that will be sure to make your list. Their menu has been created by chefs and a team of expert dieticians and nutritionists; additionally, they offer a healthy food subscription plan so that you don’t have to guess at what’s for dinner every night.

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