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Prepped Meals is a subscription service that sends you and your family prepped meals every week. They offer two models: a monthly fee-based plan and a weekly plan. Both have you and your family eating well and community building with it.

The monthly plan costs $9 per month (with free shipping), while the weekly plan costs $17 per day (with free shipping). Both include cooking instructions and tips on how to make the best choices in preparing the meals.

The biggest difference between the two plans is how many meals you get per week. The monthly plan has you getting at least four meals, whereas the weekly has you getting at least six meals.

They are easy to store

prepped meals singapore

You can store Prepped Meals in the fridge, and they do not need to be cooked before you use them. This is great if you are always on-the-go as you can just grab one and have a warm meal!

You do not have to preheat the pan nor cook the rice and noodles unless you want to. You can also just put them in a Tupperware or microwave container and heat or cook as desired.

This is great for those who do not like to stove top cooking or who are busy with the next task! It saves time and energy, which is helpful when you are trying to limit food intake due to weight loss.

You can even make a quick lunch box set of three meals: white rice; chicken curry; and vegetables. You can pack the first two foods in your bag, and the first two meals can be heated or cooked on the stove if needed.

Help you save time

prepped meals singapore

Prepped meals are a new eating trend that has quickly gained momentum. People are making fun of it for being overpriced and limited, but it really does help you save time.

Saving time is always valuable when you are busy as a person.

You can first pick and choose your ingredients from the fresh market or supermarket, then cook them in the oven or microwave according to the timing chart, put them together and let them sit until ready to eat.

It really is simple, fast, and even complimentary to have someone help you with because this food takes some skill to make correctly.

Helps you eat healthier

prepped meals singapore

As opposed to the old way of eating, where you just grabbed whatever was available and you were done, as part a prepper, you must plan your meals. It helps you eat healthier and save money on grocery shopping trips.

Prepping allows you to choose how much of each food type you want to buy and how much of each cooking method you want to buy. With the right mix, you can save quite a bit of money on food as well.

Many people say that food is one of the biggest sources of cost savings when it comes to budgeting. Due to the price difference between popular foods, people tend to stick with what they have always been accustomed to eating.

However, this is not good for your health. While it may be easy on the eyes and ears, eating like the person next door doesn’t require moving away from your own diet. It only rewards them with knowing what’s best for them.

Less chance of food going bad

With the growing popularity of prepped meals, foodies are finding ways to make and store ready-made meals that are safe to eat. Most of these recipes are made using quick-cooking ingredients, making it easy to save the recipe.

Many of these recipes include Mix & Match options so that you can find something new to enjoy. Some even include children‘s foods as well as adults, so that there is always some variety in the foods you prepare.

By making your own food, you not only save time but also money since you do not have to buy food that is freshly cooked. You also have more control over what ingredients you consume and how much of them you have. This can save you from buying sick or spoiled foods or ones that are high in fat, sugar, and/or starch.

Less time cooking means more time for yourself

prepped meals singapore

While we love cooking, too much of it can be expensive. If you are a fan of the kitchen, then you know how expensive food can be!

If you are not a fan of the kitchen, no worries! You now have a chance to learn how to prepped meals!

Many recipes are prepped days ahead of time and stored in the fridge. This is great as it saves time in the kitchen when preparing it. Most recipes are prepd twice, once by the creator and again by you as your guest.

This is such a great way to show others how much you appreciate food and recipe creation.

Easier portion control

prepped meals singapore

You will thank me later when you learn how much food you are eating. Instead of having a two- or three-course meal, which can be difficult to keep track of, you will have one main course, a side dish, and a dessert.

This is the main reason why I recommend having at least one full course per day. You will save time by being able to eat more than just the starter and the main course, both of which are good for you.

Secondly, having only an appetizer and a second dish makes it less likely that you will overeat. Because there are only two dishes, you are less likely to overindulge.

Lastly, having only an appetizer and a second dish makes it easier to control your weight loss and weight maintenance. You can easily make sure you have enough fuel from these two meals to ensure your body is functioning properly.

Convenience of prepackaged foods

prepped meals singapore

Prepackaged foods have become a normal part of our lives. There are so many pre-made options available that you will never run out of food! More and more companies are entering the food-service business, offering their products for sale in grocery stores, convenience stores, and online stores.

Many of these companies offer deals which you can use to test your followers’ appetite for food. So if you are offering a certain type of food or meal, members can purchase it from you at a discounted price.

This is great as it gets them to try your brand before they invest in buying it themselves.

Many different brands available

prepped meals singapore

There are quite a few brands that offer prepped meals in Singapore. Most of them are located in supermarkets and store shops. Most of them offer pretty similar products, but with different flavors and ways to prepare them.

Many of them offer free samples so you can see if they work for you before you commit to a full meal replacement diet plan. Some even have money-back guarantees so you can have some assurance that the diet worked for you.

Many of them are very popular among people on their pre-diet or after a diet has worked for them. People love the convenient way they can get their meals done and how quickly it takes to feel better on this diet.

This is especially true for brand names like Barilla, Vitex, & Erythraan which are usually found in most supermarkets & store shops. They seem to be the ones that popularized this style of dieting.

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