Singapore Diet Meal Plan

singapore diet meal plan

If you’re on a diet to get healthier and shed some pounds, a Singapore diet meal plan can be invaluable in reaching your objectives. Not only is it convenient, but these services also guarantee that you receive all of the essential nutrients each day.

Some are tailored to meet specific fitness goals, others draw inspiration from hawker flavors or are plant-based. No matter which variety you choose, each one is delicious, nutritious and made by experienced chefs.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is a meal prep delivery service that cooks up delicious Asian meals like kung pow chicken and sambal fish to meet all your nutritional needs without leaving you feeling guilty. Established in 2018, it was founded by three fitness-loving friends who believe healthy food doesn’t have to be bland.

Their tailored meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and can be tailored to any lifestyle. Additionally, they offer special diet options like low carbohydrates or vegetarian.

With their helpful meal calculator and planner, they offer a convenient way to calculate macros and customize your meals for the week ahead. Once you have an organized overview of what to eat, head into their “Order Now” tab to choose from nutritious dishes like congee, protein bowls, and soups starting at just $4.90!

Yummy Bros has partnered with a halal-certified kitchen partner, so all their meals are prepared in an ethical environment and free from artificial ingredients. Plus, they blast chill their freshly cooked meals to preserve flavour and nutrients – giving you peace of mind that the meal will remain nutritious and flavorful.

Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen offers a daily meal plan subscription that brings chef-prepared meals right to your door. Their menu offers plenty of nutritious meals for health and fitness goals, as well as vegetarian and pescatarian options that are suitable for any diet.

Their tailored plans are created by body composition experts and top chefs to make it simple for you to reach your fitness goals with fresh, high-quality foods delivered directly to your door. All it takes is an online account, a few clicks, and they’ll have a chef-prepared meal plan waiting for you when you arrive!

Nutrition Kitchen SG, founded in 2018, is an online platform that lets users customize 2 to 3 meals each day and have them delivered directly to their home. It provides different meal plans for men and women based on specific health objectives like weight loss, muscle gain or healthy eating.

F45 Challenge Meal Plan

F45 Challenge is an eight-week program that offers a detailed meal plan and fitness classes to help you shed pounds and tone up. At PS235 per month, this may seem pricey but if you’re stuck in a rut and need motivation to get going again then this could be worth exploring.

The Challenge meal plans are tailored to promote nutrition and health, with an emphasis on lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Through our partnership with Trifecta, all meals are created by chefs using a scientifically-backed macrobalanced formula.

The caloric intake for the Challenge is higher than your typical weight loss diet, so it’s essential to understand what your body requires. Males should consume between 1600-1700 calories daily, while girls should aim for 2000-2300.

Healthy Kitchen

A nutritious and well-balanced meal is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it supply essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for energy and alertness; but also happiness.

Unfortunately, planning and preparing a nutritious meal that is also filling, tasty and satisfying can be quite the task. Thankfully, there are now numerous meal delivery services in Singapore to help you stay on track with your diet.

YoloFood, for instance, offers a selection of nutritious food items ideal for those looking to up their health game. The company has 4 main meal plans designed by Olympic-certified nutritionists: weight loss, vegetarian, eat clean and low carb.

In addition to their health-promoting meals, they offer other cool features like an app that tracks your daily calories and calorie-controlled meals in a rotating menu. With these healthy meal options delivered straight to your door, it’s easier than ever for you to stay on track with your diet.

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