Singapore Diet Meal Plan

singapore diet meal plan

Carbs provide energy and fibre that help you feel full and satisfied for longer, as well as being an important source of vitamins and minerals. When combined with other healthy foods, carbohydrates can provide both energy and protein to keep you feeling satisfied and full. They may even serve as an important source of vitamins and minerals!

According to Singapore’s National Nutrition Survey, many Singaporeans do not meet their recommended intake of fruits and vegetables and drink more sweetened beverages than recommended, leading to weight gain and an increased risk of noncommunicable diseases.

Nutrition Kitchen SG

Nutrition Kitchen SG offers meal plans designed for weight loss, fitness and muscle gain. Their meals are freshly prepared by chefs and delivered right to the customer’s home – it even lets customers select online or take an interactive survey to find their perfect plan!

The company uses fresh ingredients and provides an array of nutritious yet flavorful meals designed by body composition specialists and created by world class chefs. Their meal plans are ideal for people on the go who wish to maintain a healthy diet while remaining busy.

Nutrition Kitchen SG’s use of SleekFlow helps them improve customer service and boost sales. Customers can track conversations and quickly resolve any issues; work can also be managed across teams using these features; all this while managing growing demands for services while making changes with ease to products.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros has devised an innovative plan to add healthy elements to everyday meals. Their menu was developed by professional chefs in order to assist people in losing weight, building muscle mass and living a healthier lifestyle.

Yummy Bros is an HDB-based startup founded by three fitness-driven friends in 2018 who believe meal prep shouldn’t just consist of bland chicken breast and broccoli without seasonings. Their start-up offers healthy versions of Asian cuisines like Kung Pow Chicken and Sambal Fish at pocket friendly prices to fit into dieters’ specific dieting goals, packaged up in eco-friendly meal boxes.

Their meals are made from halal ingredients and delivered four days per week, offering local dishes like Spicy Chicken Lemak and Beef Rendang that you can customize according to your specific dietary needs, including carbs, proteins, and sodium options.


Health Promotion Board Singapore has made strides to foster healthier lifestyle habits and exercise regimes to reduce diabetes-related hospitalisations among Singaporeans, but recent studies reveal that over 1.7 million Singaporeans could be at risk due to lifestyle, weight and eating out too often or adopting unhealthy diets.

FitThree offers a three-day meal plan designed to provide active people with nutritious and delicious food. All the meals are calorie controlled and include options that cater for vegan, omnitarian, low-carb vegetarianism. Plus they have a flexible option allowing users to switch out certain items for something else!

Ketomei is Singapore’s first keto meal delivery service that strives to show that keto is more than just bland foods. Their recipes feature familiar local delicacies like chicken rice, fishball noodles, economic rice – with nutritional-packed twists such as cauliflower fried rice or chia seed pudding!

Healthy Eats

Healthy eating may seem daunting when trying to navigate Singapore’s food scene. With meal plan delivery services now offering nutritious and delectable dishes, however, staying on the path toward good health becomes much simpler.

The government is also taking steps to combat this issue with programs like the Healthier Hawker Program, providing food vendors with visible window decals indicating they offer healthier options like wholegrain noodles, less salt and lower saturated fat oil. Since nine out of ten Singaporeans are said to regularly visit hawker centers, government efforts have begun pushing for healthier choices there.

Grain Traders provides filling yet nutritious meals to suit all diet types with their customize-your-bowl option, offering bases and toppings such as quinoa, super greens and more for you to choose from to meet all of your protein, fibre, vitamin and mineral requirements.

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