Singapore Diet Meal Plan Delivery Services

singapore diet meal plan

Eating healthy isn’t always straightforward, but now there are meal plan delivery services that make adopting clean eating habits much simpler.

Yummy Bros seeks to redress that imbalance with delicious and convenient calories-controlled meals that come complete with nutritional information for each dish! They even list them on their menu!

Yummy Bros

Meal prep service designed by a group of gym buddies believes calorie counting should be fun! They serve up Asian-inspired dishes reminiscent of what mum may have prepared – think Spicy Chicken Lemak and Beef Rendang in controlled portions – such as Spicy Chicken Lemak.

Hawker food is an integral part of Singapore life, but it may not always fit with a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Yummy Bros offers healthier versions of local favorites!

Each dish includes nutritional data for those following macros, with their menu changing weekly. They offer options suitable for vegetarian, omnitarian and low-carb diets – even offering morning or evening delivery times depending on your work schedule and location! You can even take advantage of Eatbook readers by using code YUMMYEATBOOK for 15% off your first order!


UMAMI Chefs offers ready-to-heat meals starting from S$7.99 for their nutritiously balanced dishes, designed by chefs working closely with nutritionists. Curated by Chef KT Yeo and offering three, five, and seven day gourmet meal plans with vegan, ketogenic and low sugar options.

Singaporean hawker food staples such as chicken rice, fishball noodles, or economic rice contain high carbs – something that would pose a difficulty to those following keto diets. But some simple substitutions could help – like swapping pulsed cauliflower for white rice when making your fried rice dish!

Nutrition Kitchen SG offers delicious Asian meals that taste just like those made by mum – only healthier! Their variety of meal plans includes “sculpt” for weight loss, “balance” for nutritious cuisine and “plant-based”, all suitable for vegans. Each week they prepare scrumptious meals packed into vacuum sealed pouches so you can reheat them easily at home within three minutes!

Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen offers deliciously nutritious daily ready-to-eat meals prepared by professional chefs for all kinds of dietary requirements, and has found great success using WhatsApp to reach out to their customers through SleekFlow and increase sales.

Mdm Evelyn Lee* had an active lifestyle and enjoyed trying a variety of cuisines, but she noticed her weight gradually increasing and blood sugar levels nearing normality. So she visited Singapore General Hospital’s Department of Dietetics to receive advice for reducing her caloric intake and losing weight.

SGH’s Dietetic Team designed a tailored meal plan for Mdm Lee that consisted of three meals each day from her local hawker center, providing low-carb and nutrient-rich dishes using fresh local ingredients easily available in this setting. This meal plan enabled Mdm Lee to both lose weight and improve her health.


WhyQ is Singapore’s leading hawker food delivery service with over 1,000 stalls and meals delivered each day, offering users a convenient app that allows them to order affordable yet delectable hawker meals from their favourite centres or food courts with no minimum order requirement and only $1.5 delivery fee! Founded in 2017, WhyQ offers users affordable yet delectable meals delivered right to their door with no minimum order required and an extremely reasonable delivery fee of only $1.5.

Rishabh Singhvi and Varun Saraf, both 27-year old founders of WhyQ, both grew up eating local hawker fare and recognized how difficult it could be for office workers with limited time during lunch hours to make their way down to nearby hawker centres or food courts during lunch hour. Therefore they devised WhyQ as an app that collects orders from multiple food courts/hawker centres then delivers them directly to office buildings.

Their creatively named menu items such as Very Dark Chicken Rice, Dory “Fish” Ball and Meatless Aglio E Olio make for a lively dining experience – plus there are lots of halal options! Use promo code BURPPLE5 when ordering through WhyQ to save $5 off your first meal.

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