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diet meals singapore

Hawker food is an integral part of Singaporean culture, but if you are counting calories it might not always be the best option. One solution could be ordering meals from meal prep caterers that specialize in healthy versions of local dishes such as Yummy Bros.

Ms Loong and Dr Kalpana advise choosing less fried foods, choosing lower salt or sugar options, increasing vegetable consumption, and using the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) to identify healthier packaged products.

Fitness Ration

FITNESS RATION protein powder was designed to put your muscles into an anabolic state that facilitates building new muscle and losing body fat. Combining whey protein hydrolysate and concentrate, amino acids can aid recovery after intensive training sessions as well as provide extra protein boost. Use as a post workout shake or use throughout the day for extra protein boost; its variety of natural and artificial flavors makes this an enjoyable daily protein boost; plus it is gluten-free with no artificial sweeteners!

Fitness Ration, established on 25 November 2014 as a sole proprietorship and operating in Food & Ag Tech sectors is located in Singapore.

Fit Three

Being an adult can be daunting: from managing finances and hitting the gym to maintaining skincare regimens and staying on top of them all can be overwhelming. A pandemic only compounds this anxiety. That’s where healthy food delivery services come in to save the day: offering weekly or monthly subscription meal plans designed to keep you full without taking up much time or effort of your time and energy.

Nutrition Kitchen SG offers delicious omnitarian, low-carb and vegetarian meals packed with the nutrients you need. Their rotating menu also lists caloric intake and nutritional values of each item to give you peace of mind that what’s in your dish is good for you – everything from Western cuisine to Indian fare is available here! Don’t wait – Nutrition Kitchen SG has something delicious waiting for you today.

Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros provides customized, protein-rich and healthy food delivered right to your door. Their meals are created from fresh ingredients by professional chefs. Their meal calculator and planner make planning your diet for each week simple based on macros and caloric goals.

Three fitness-driven friends founded the company with a vision to change people’s perception of dieting. According to them, dieting needn’t be restrictive or monotonous and should help you reach your health goals while remaining enjoyable at the same time.

Yummy Bros’ menu boasts an extensive selection of Asian cuisine, such as Kung Pow chicken and sambal fish, at an amazingly reasonable cost and can be ordered via their app. Their version of kopi pork ribs uses deboned chicken thighs seasoned in an enhanced coffee sauce for maximum flavour while remaining portion controlled.

The Healthy Kitchen

A Healthy Kitchen is more than a collection of recipes; it is an ode to living healthier. Andy and Rosie take an approach without rules or shortcuts that follows instinct in terms of cooking; for instance if Rosie calls for chicken, Andy suggests substituting tofu; when Rosie uses coconut milk he suggests ground almond milk; while when calling for butter they suggest Spectrum Spread as a suitable replacement; plus much more! This cookbook also includes helpful advice and strategies for adapting to new methods of preparation!

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