Singapore Diet Plan – How Meal Plan Singapore Can Help You Lose Weight

diet plan singapore

Hawker food is an integral part of Singapore culture, but not always diet friendly. At Yummy Bros, our caloric controlled meals make eating your favourite local dishes such as Nasi Lemak and Beef Rendang while still meeting daily protein requirements easy.

Mdm Lee* was concerned that her excess weight and borderline high blood sugar put her at risk of diabetes, so she sought advice from dietitians at Singapore General Hospital.

Eat Healthy

While recent statistics reveal a slight reduction in overweight Singaporeans, many still struggle with unhealthy eating habits and risk obesity-related diseases based on their BMI. Achieve a healthier weight without counting calories by making healthier food choices such as opting for less deep-fried and sweetened beverages and restricting deep-fried snacks as much as possible.

HPB recently unveiled My Healthy Plate as part of their effort to address this problem, an easy visual guide with clear messaging on what a healthy meal should consist of. In addition, various campaigns were also created by HPB to encourage people to start considering diet and exercise to protect against diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

Eating healthily is no small commitment, but it doesn’t need to be challenging. With more and more healthy food delivery services in Singapore, getting nutritious meals delivered directly to your door has never been simpler! Try one of these top picks for convenient, nutritious and delicious meal plans!

Eat Less

If you are trying to shed pounds, cutting calories consumption below what your body burns can help accelerate weight loss. Unfortunately, however, cutting back may be easier said than done; the good news is there are meal plan services which can assist in eating less and meeting goals more easily.

FitThree offers nutritious healthy food delivery in Singapore tailored specifically to your activity level, offering delicious yet healthy omnitarian, low carbohydrate or vegetarian meals that are both satisfying and delectable.

Nutritious Kitchen offers pre-cooked, vacuum-packed meals that can be ready in just three minutes! Their menu ranges from Western to Indian cuisine. Furthermore, their plans cater to specific dietary restrictions like gluten-free and vegan requirements – making this an excellent option for Singaporeans!

Eat Right

Singapore has an increasingly health-conscious population, leading to many meal delivery services specializing in veganism and gluten-free options – or simply looking to decrease their sodium consumption – offering their services. No matter your tastes or dietary restrictions there’s sure to be something suitable.

Eat Right Nutrition Consultancy was founded by Derrick Ong, an Accredited Dietitian of Singapore. Their focus is empowering individuals to make educated decisions regarding their diet and health through providing dietetic consultations for weight management and medical conditions as well as anthropometric (body composition) assessment and nutrigenomics testing services, recipe creation services and special workshops and workplace health talks.

HealthFull is another popular option, providing meals and meal packages based on the Healthy Ketogenic Diet concept specifically tailored to Singaporean lifestyles and diet preferences. Their food features nutritious ingredients such as proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and controlled amounts of whole grains; additionally they offer meal plans lasting four to 13 weeks.

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